Tubbutec ModyPoly Midi Upgrade Cheat sheet for the Korg PolySix

I installed the Tubbutec MIDI upgrade into my beloved and engaging Korg PolySix yesterday. The install was simple, and went down without issue (you can see some of the process here if you’re interested) and while I did not choose to drill any holes in my topcase (which is getting replaced anyway) I did succeed in adding MIDI in and out, a sustain pedal input, MIDI control over the filter and pitch wheel, an additional sine LFO, program changes for the voice modes which are expanded to 2 voices or 3 voices (stacked), the chord memory is expanded into a whole bank of possible saved chords (polychord) and the arpeggiator (now clockable via midi) is also expanded into a fantastic SH-101 style sequencer and more. It’s brilliant.

I have a lot of instruments, and many of them are modified, or otherwise filled with mystery. One of the drawbacks to having a well appointed spaceship has been that despite committed learning and exploration, I find that certain features don’t get explored or taken advantage of every single day and then don’t become a part of my musical muscle memory. Then I have to go dig out the manual again, find the part about changing the MIDI channel, or how to re select the clock division, and sometimes by the time I have that information working again the way I want it, I don’t remember why I wanted to do it, and go take a walk. Musical inspiration lost. There’s nothing worse than the subconscious pressure of knowing that something wonderful is here, but having no idea how to access it. Just doing the same old thing all the time. Makes me feel so ungrateful, and lame. Synthesizers shouldn’t make us feel bad. They’re amazing!

To better serve us all while we are learning new ways to do things I like to make cheat sheets. They are small, single or half page sheets which can be unobtrusively kept under a synth, or on top of a speaker for quick access while we learn the basics of an instrument.

Here is a “cheat sheet” for the ModyPoly MIDI upgrade for the Korg PolySix. It’s got the voice modes, the keys for polychord, powerarp, a reminder for how to turn off and on the retrigger for the envelope, a clock division guide, the midi controller numbers, the program change legend for the voice modes via MIDI, and a reproduction of the keyboard control layout for all the changes we can make from the keyboard alone.

Version 0.1A | 4.7MB PDF format document | Suitable for 8.5 x 11 printing in horizontal format.

I hope this is helpful to you, and sends you on your way with the advantage of quick and simple reminders for using this fantastic upgrade for a wonderful synth.


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  1. Marc:

    Thanks for this! Getting mine converted and will be glad to use this cheat sheet!