Tonight’s the night. I’m playing at Deepspace with FK at Cielo in New York City.
I’ve been waiting for this gig for my entire career… I couldn’t be more excited.

See you there!


  1. Laura W:

    I wish I was actually going to be there! I will be in spirit. Have the best time ever!!!

  2. An excellent set by Sunshine in NY tonight. Didn’t know what to expect, was not disappointed-a 3 hour ‘Tribe extraveganza, very nice extended mixes. Lotsa funk I’m no longer used to hearing in most house music, coupled with impassioned preacherman shouts from the pulpit-this guy’s into it, as was the crowd.

    No canned performance; congra player along with drum machine(s) & F/X were in evidence, very much along the lines of a live band performance. The man’s clearly got passion for what he does; it shows. ;-)

  3. Well holy crap! That was the best dj gig of my life!

    Michael played superbly, the sound was perfect, willie, erica, fk, hisa, peter, jason, joeb, reggie, and everyone who came out to dance to my music and make the night happen were so amazing.

    A perfect night.

  4. Laura W:

    Yay!!! : )

  5. solid:

    sounds AWESOME!! good for you, Sunshine! can’t wait for Philly!

  6. poppy:

    Couldn’t be happier for you, you radiant, passionate man!!!

    Next time I’ll be there, even if I have to hop a plane alone and pay $350.00 for a hotel room! I don’t want not seeing you play Deepspace to be one of my life’s regrets. ‘Cause from the sound of it, you’ll be back…

  7. moonbeam:


    i’m so happy for you!!!

    you’re an amazing and talented man. i respect and admire you so much.

    just keep keepin’ on…..

    love, m

  8. Letty (PhoenixVac):

    Awesome show last at Cielo*Sunshine. That poem hit me deep man. Keep up the good work. I look foward to see you perform again in the future.

  9. ryan d:

    Sounds outstanding man! Congratulations on the best DJ gig of your life (so far).

  10. stagg:

    yes! redemption indeed!

    surrender to your love. : )

    plus hall & oates in dub. who would of thunk it?

    wow. what a night. i forgot to tell you that fatima said “hi” and sends her love.

  11. gino:

    congratualtions on the show

    i knew you’d rock it, too much heart and soul
    not to.

    no doubts about that.



  12. I’m so glad to hear it was such a success!!!
    **big grin**

    Mucho amor…