Sunshine Jones – Live in Baltimore – 1/20/2012

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Over the years there have been a select number of promoters who have helped shape Baltimore’s nightlife – Fever, Ultraworld, Sonic Soul, and arguably the most debaucherous of all, Family Productions.

Celebrating the past as well as the future E-Villa & the Baltimore Music Collective are proud to present


Featuring an evening with
(Treehouse Muzique, King Street, Sunday Soul, San Francisco)

with additional appearances by
Datajack, Phil Rigatuso
The Weststeppers & DJ ZVI
Jay Gray and the return of Deviate
Featuring Zak Concannon on Percussion

This event will be held @ E-villa. 917 Cathedral St. in Baltimore, MD
$10 Cover – 9pm until 2am

One Comment

  1. Sunshine:

    I woke up this morning to the bad news that my flight had been cancelled.

    I spent a few hours on the web/telephone attempting to sort out another flight. Having no luck, I decided to actually go to the airport and work it out in person.

    Turns out all of the flights from SFO to BWI, National, Dulles, and anywhere reasonably close to Baltimore have been cancelled today. On United, Continental, USAir, and everyone else.

    We are experiencing heavy fog and rain at the airport, it’s true, but it seems outrageous to me.

    Regardless I rebooked on a red eye flight which has me arriving through Chicago at 8:45 am tomorrow. So I’m sad to say that I will not be able to make it tonight.

    1. I am already working on a make-up show with the promoters. I’ll get back to Baltimore asap and we’ll party baby. I promise.

    2. Anyone who was planning on going tonight – GO TO THE PARTY – Leave your name with the door and I’ll collect that list an add you all as my guests for tomorrow night’s Dubtribe show at U Street Music Hall in DC.

    I am so sad about this.
    I love you.
    See you soon.