Sunshine Jones – Same Mistakes Video

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up

Last year I recorded this song in a fit of inspiration. I did it as a challenge to myself – starting out as a re edit, but ending up as a redux or a cover version – for that week’s Sunday Soul transmission. It came out pretty good, and Mark Kate of Neverknows and Futurewife also remixed it for release on our own private treehouse label. Turns out OH! Records of Stockholm would very much like to remix it and release it as a single this summer. It’s currently scheduled for August and I can’t wait to hear the remixes! I’ll let you know more about that when there’s more to tell you about. But for now, here’s the video!

Director: Martha Traer
Music: Sunshine Jones
Label: OH! Records, Stockholm
All with permission and blessings from Treehouse Muzique
“Same Mistakes” is written and published by The Echo Friendly and their rights remain intact
These recorded sounds, words and pictures are c & p 2014 little BUG music / BMI


  1. Sumir Arora:

    love it sunshine

  2. Tanya Renick:

    Love love and more love! Love all your different characters!

  3. Paul Adair:

    Master of disguise like an episode of the Americans!

  4. David Avi Candia:

    Woo Hoo

  5. Laura Wilt:

    I love it Sunshine!

  6. Filipa Geraldes:

  7. Evan Godlesky:

    Get it bro

  8. Gwendolyn Mccomsey:

    Looks great!

  9. Gwendolyn Mccomsey:

    Sounds great too :)

  10. Brian Satornino:

  11. Tre Thompson:


  12. Eric Sharp:

    I was just having a conversation about how it feels like so many “artists” seem to have nothing to say. You are a shining, bold, beautiful exception. I hope your music spreads far and wide forever – it needs to be heard. ♥

  13. Brandin Becker Bowen:

    I like it a lot!

  14. Salvador Moreno:

    Bad ass

  15. Patrick Gravitymix:


  16. Chinwe Onwudiwe:

    Ha! Watching and smiling in the office.

  17. Willem Adjust-Zweist:

    Finally after decades i saw mrs jones in your vid :)

  18. Kelly Cooke:

    Love it Sunshine….but we can only expect the best from you ;-)

  19. Cherilyn Cole:

    I love this video so much!! Amazing song, too ♥ Excellent!! :)

  20. Karen Kelly:

    love it! hahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahhahahaahhahahahahahahha

  21. Bekijane Bloomfield:


  22. Kenny Summit:


  23. Jen Littlz:

    ♥ that video, you so silly.

  24. Jon Williams:

    Love the video! You haven’t changed a bit you freak :)

  25. Dave Ahern:

    That video is Sick. (Good sick) Hope to catch one of your sets here in Europe and if you want to spend a day taking in the sights in Cambridge with me and kate and the girls, hit me up

  26. Christopher H:

    SUPER DUPER! Love it!

  27. Joey Hannah:


  28. Scott Kendall:

    I love it Sunshine !

  29. Scott Clawson:

    DAMMMM!! .. So Freakin badass… . This is freakin amazing!!

  30. I have been singing this song ever since you posted the video. over and over and over and over,… makes feel so good. thank you

  31. NoMe Edonna:

    Haha love it. Better watch out Sunshine, with songs like this, you might just become a pop idol…

  32. Gator girl: