TUOC01 / 03 Ltd. Edition Restocks!

I lucked into a last box of 50 copies of TUOC01 FALL IN LOVE NOT IN LINE and so in celebration of their return, I’ve posted them up to the site at http://theurgencyofchange.com

In addition to that I’ve talked it over with Martha and we have agreed to release an additional 50 copies of the film HOME – the document of the 2016 Sunshine Jones Live Ground Tour (100 total.) And I have also added these copies to the pre order page on the site.

These won’t last. They were gone in a couple days last time, so please hurry over and score your copies now. I don’t want you to miss it a second time.

I am very surprised that this has happened, and I’m sure it won’t happen again.

What a treat.



  1. Michala Hill:

    Done! Woohoo, I got them this time!

  2. Justin OBrien:

    All over it this time!

  3. SB Stokes:

    OOH! I wanna DVD…

  4. Michael Stagg:

    count me in!

  5. Tristan Cornish:

    Well you know I want one

  6. Jennifer Dogger:

    I will take a DVD and a record please! We just found my grandfather’s record player but we have very few records to play on it. This will be the beginning of something beautiful.

  7. Ian Dicey:


  8. Tanya White:

    I love you!

  9. David Armstrong:

    Hell yeeeaaahhh!

  10. Mark Shaw:


  11. Eartha Goodwin:

    I’m so excited!!!!!