Pre orders are open now for this limited edition vinyl 12″ Single.

Superb remixes from Prins Thomas and DJ Spun. Just superb takes on this mighty track of mine.
Head over to the urgency of change and score yourself a pre order copy now. There will only be 300 copies of this magic, and they are going fast.
Production is underway, mastered, labels approved, and lacquer cut, now it’s off to the press.
This time it’s a domestic production. Everything is being done here at home.

Reserve your copy now!

Thank you for yet another beautiful project/release.
TUOC-011 12″ Single is 100% Sold Out.

You can score the digital version now at bandcamp (see the link in the navigation menu above.)


  1. Kjell Vistad:

    Pre-order in, yay! Looking forward to this!

  2. Erich Bowman:

    Pre-ordering now!

  3. Mac Skinner:


  4. Jon Lemmon:


  5. Johnny Nunes:

    Just ordered nine ♥

  6. Jason Kincade:


  7. Paul Pommes:

    Just ordered! Will there also be high quality files too? You know… for bumpin’ in the car

  8. @Paul Pommes – Yes. Wav files when we ship.

  9. Jordan Strong:

    Are you offering wav with the vinyl purchase like before? Hope so !

  10. @Jordan Strong – Yes. It’s all on the page.

  11. Brad Vachal:


  12. Jason Kenniston:

    done. excited

  13. Troy Francesconi:

    On it!!!

  14. Cole Odin Berggren:

    Done! Excited to get this. Thanks to all involved!

  15. Sans Nom:


  16. Robert Pointer:


  17. Shane Baker:

    Thank you

  18. Sean Ober:

    Can’t wait!

  19. Travis Ortiz:

    Ordered! Thanks for this!

  20. Steve Higgins:

    Ordered :))

  21. Almost 100 copies sold in just under 2 hours.
    You guys are amazing. Thank you.

  22. Benjamin Orphan:

    I hope you got my order. It was a little confusing on PayPal.

  23. @Benjamin Orphan Raver – I got you!

  24. Sean George:

    This sounds awesome!!!

  25. Ean Adamson:

    Ordered and can’t wait

  26. Emily White:

    Emily White Yay! I love it when you make records, ordered! Misssss you. ♥ ♥ ♥

  27. Frank Walls:

    Now the wait, the glances at the mailbox, the mailman, the sadness for weeks months until I read, they shipped, then I’m like watching weather, wondering should I explain to the mailman how to leave a vinyl record, it’ll be my first vinyl at my new place…excited. Maybe by the time it arrives umm I’ll have this place looking like a home!!! Goals.

  28. Bryan Olivas:


  29. John Fowler:

    Can’t wait! I bought 2 if you want to ship them together.

  30. C.J. Larsen:


  31. Jesse Benitez:

    I ordered mine today, can I get them digi copy’s please

  32. @Jesse Benitez – Got you! WAV files will be prepared and sent shortly before the records arrive.

  33. Lemar Soulflower:

    Oooooohhhhh Yeeaaahhhh!!!

  34. Todd Powers:

    I fell in line for this release

  35. @Todd Powers – FALL IN LOVE!

  36. Todd Powers:

    @Sunshine Jones – absolutely!! ♥

  37. Just about half gone.
    Less than a day and there are 159 remaining.
    Hurry up!

  38. Sunshine:

    Only 29 left! Hurry up!!!

  39. Sunshine:

    Only 12 remaining! C’mon!

  40. Sunshine:

    SOLD OUT! Thank you!