Alesis MMT-8 Adjustable Analog Clock Output with Speaker Switch

I’ve been using the Alesis MMT-8 since 1987. I’ve been all over the world with them, crashed them, restored them, and deeply loved them. They’re fantastic sketch pads, brilliant live performance tools, and it’s fair to say that without them there may never have been a Dubtribe Sound System. I’ve […]

TUOC-013LP COHORT – Pre Sales Now Open

TUOC-013LP COHORT PRE-ORDERS ARE NOW OPEN Limited edition of 300 Vinyl LP’s No current plans in place for a digital release. Vinyl first, then we’ll worry about the waves. Head over and read all about it, listen to my beautiful cohort, and reserve your copy today! Physical delivery is […]

Sunshine Jones – Live/DJ Set – At The Ramp – September 5th San Francisco

Hey! This Sunday (September 5th) I’m gonna be playing some records (and probably singing) at the Ramp with Ryan Stubbs, Miquel, Jayvi and Stan. I honestly can’t remember the last time I played a live/dj set in SF. Deeply missing, and much needed house classics, new music, deepness with singing […]

The Real Deal Party Feel

Are U Listed and The End Up have gotten together and are producing an event which will span 16 hours of madness and fun featuring my man DJ Three and Dubtribe (me and Moonbeam) performing a live/dj set in the booth with Atnarko Bear, Ben Annand and more! Lots and […]

DSS Orlando Oct 30th 2021

DUBTRIBE Zombie Raver Invasion Orlando, Fl OCT 30 2021

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set with Brian Busto – Serious Soul – September 24th 2021 – Tampa, Florida

At last… on September 24th I’m headed back to Tampa to get with my dear one DJ Brian Busto and play a 100% live set at the Castle for Serious Soul and it’s gonna rule. It’s a tight trip, flying in the day of the event, and out of there […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live at Flammable (very special pop-up) Seattle, October 1st 20201

October 1st I am headed north to have a kind of a home coming with my dear friends Brian Lyons, Michael Manahan, and Xan Lucero at my home away from home, the best place to be in the world, Flammable. It’s a special pop-up event to gather our friends and […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – Love Generator – October 2nd 2021, San Diego, California

Dance Klassique is proud to announce that our outrageously extravagant 60’s themed costume & dance party “Love Generator” is BACK Captains of our Groovy Galactic Spaceship include: Sunshine Jones – live performance Marques Wyatt Along with the superstars of ♥ : Ryan Bauer Joe Pea Terry Jasinto Gomez – DJ […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set with DJ M3 & Jordan Strong August 27th At Monarch, San Francisco

San Francisco – Dear ones would you like to get together somewhere we love, somewhere that sounds amazing and dance together? Maybe not right now, but how about August 27th? Say with me playing a 100% live set, and DJ M3? I’d love that so much. Let’s do that, k? […]

TUOC-012m TR-808 Owner’s Manual Replicant Set

Here’s a limited edition replicant set of the original Roland TR-808 Owner’s Manual, Introduction, Quick Start Card, and Preset Rhythm charts for your pleasure. Re printed with love and care in the UK. At this posting there are only 16 sets remaining available. Find out more, and score your own […]

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE – LOVE GENERATOR – Oct 2nd San Diego

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET LOVE GENERATOR Spin Nightclub San Diego, CA OCT 2 2021

Oct 1st Flammable Seattle

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET FLAMMABLE Monkey Loft Seattle, Wa OCT 1 2021

Sunshine Jones – September 24th 2021 – Tampa Florida

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET Serious Soul Tampa, Florida SEP 24 2021

DSS in SF Sept 19th 2021

Dubtribe The real deal party feel San Francisco SEP 19 2021

Sunshine Jones Live/DJ Set At the Ramp 9/5/21

Sunshine Jones LIVE/DJ SET THE RAMP San Francisco SEP 5 2021


UBUNTU: I am because we are A celebration of the power of love and what we can do together. Kai Alce, Jaysun Lovejoy, Tredamit, Roy England, Anonymous-1 and loads more, plus a 100% live set from me. More details, tickets, and location information here LOVE

Sunshine Jones – Monarch SF – August 27th 2021

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET MONARCH San Francisco AUG 27 2021

Ubuntu Live – Denver – July 24th 2021

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET Special Guest Jaysun Lovejoy Ubuntu Live Denver, Colorado JUL 24 2021

Electric Fields – May 8 2021

ELECTRIC FIELDS – Sunshine Jones 100% – Saturday May 8th 2021 – San Francisco

ELECTRIC FIELDS SUNSHINE JONES 100% LIVE Saturday May 8th 2021 4pm – 10pm with my man M3 (Manny Alferez), JoeFro (back to back with) Carry On Disco, and Jymmi James We are getting together outdoors at Distrikt 6 (11th and Bryant and Division in San Francisco) for a limited occupancy […]


1. Roland CSQ-100 LOVE IS A VERB & EMPATHY IS A COLLABORATION // Here are a few of my absolute, hands down, all time, true loves. Not the kind of love that leaves me rolling around, aching on the floor because I miss it so much, but the kind of […]

Juno-60 Basic Patch Book

This is a patch book for the Roland Juno-60. It was created using the blank patch example in the Juno-60 manual. The first section is an illustration of the original factory patches and their settings. The second section is the factory patches from the Juno-6. These are also taken from […]

Jupiter-6 Patch Sheet

I love my Jupiter-6. It’s amazing. The manual doesn’t illustrate any of the factory patches like the Jupiter-8 or Jupiter-4. The whole patch examples thing seems to have disappeared at about the same time as modern patch memory storage became standard. It’s cool to be able to save our sounds, […]

TUOC-012o TR-808 Overlay Replicant

TUOC012o / TR-808 OVERLAY REPLICANT ROLAND TR-808 RHYTHM COMPOSERCLEAR PROTECTIVE OVERLAY More than a year in the making. So many prototypes, and so many good people helping. Jeff from System-80, Ahmad from the Bayview, a sweet, creative, and very talented printer in Calgary, Alberta named Mark, and Abe Mora of […]

Tubbutec ModyPoly Midi Upgrade Cheat sheet for the Korg PolySix

I installed the Tubbutec MIDI upgrade into my beloved and engaging Korg PolySix yesterday. The install was simple, and went down without issue (you can see some of the process here if you’re interested) and while I did not choose to drill any holes in my topcase (which is getting […]

Roland MC-500B OLED Display Upgrade

ROLAND MC-500B (MkII) OLED UPGRADE The LCD display screen of my Roland MC-500 had seen better days. I opened it up to take a look and considered that I could potentially replace the light from behind the LCD and improve things, but these have a tendency to dim and die […]

Roland System-500 Patchbook Project

I’ve been slowly translating, reworking, and remixing the two basic patch books I have for the Roland SYS-500 modular synthesizer (the Roland patch book issued with the complete set, and the vintage System 100m patch examples manual from 1979) and added just a few others as well for general use, […]

Tubbutec Juno-66 User Manual Remix

Recently I found myself attempting a couple of the old Roland Juno-60 tricks and discovering that since I had the Tubbutec Juno-66 MIDI upgrade installed that I was out of luck. What I wanted to do was the old school chord mode where you play a chord, press the hold […]


KORG POLYSIX FACTORY PATCHES This file contains the original factory content of the POLYSIX data cassette. It loads the factory content into the Korg POLYSIX by way of the tape interface in two parts: A & B. INSTRUCTIONS 1. Connect a mono audio cable between the output of your computer/player […]


Well if you really want to get that freaky robot voice going, all you have to to is fly to the edge of the immediate solar system and dock at the outpost, find a friendly centurion and ask them to say your words and record it. Duh. No… the mystery […]


MIDI – Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It’s a lost art. So much of what MIDI is capable of in terms of creativity, switchable setups, patchable relationships, has been ultimately abandoned because the computer makes it so easy to simply plug everything in, and then route it all through software. Before […]

Don’t Sell Your Heart

Here’s a little project for these discouraging times. I put a few of them up today, and was delighted to find all the hearts gone just a few hours later, and a loving message encouraging people to be true, and not to give up was left behind. If you’re gonna […]


Pre orders are open now for this limited edition vinyl 12″ Single. Superb remixes from Prins Thomas and DJ Spun. Just superb takes on this mighty track of mine. Head over to the urgency of change and score yourself a pre order copy now. There will only be 300 copies […]

Roland JU-06A – The Missing Manual

A USER’S GUIDE TO THE ROLAND JU-06A SOUND MODULE THE MISSING MANUAL DOWNLOAD PDF FORMAT – Version 0.01C – Blank Patch Notes Added – March 2021 At last, the missing manual for the Roland Boutique JU-06A. It isn’t much more than a reformat. I started doing these reworks because the […]

Roland System 500 Basic Manuals (Sunshine Jones Remixes)

I’m a big fan of the Roland System-500 modular synthesizer. I adore it. After years of wishing that the company who gave us the SH-101, SH-2, Juno-60, Jupiter-8 and TB-303 would one day produce another analog synthesizer, and years of pouring over brochures of the System-100m, and the impossibly expensive […]

Roland SYS-500 Updated Patch Sheet

This morning I thought I’d make an effort to break from my usual modular habits and take a closer look at the Roland System 500 patch examples. I love the system 500. While it’s definitely eurorack format, and each module is a separate module which can be included in any […]

Jupiter-4 CV/Gate Mod

JUPITER-4 CV/GATE MOD // I’ve been hearing the tale, and occasionally seen a photo of a modified JP-4 with 8 jacks installed to control the voice cards via CV/Gate and to use the keyboard (and the arpeggiator) as a controller. Like having a Jupiter-4 and a Polyphonic 4CV Module 184 […]

Roland Factory Data Cassettes

ROLAND MC-202 MICRO COMPOSER This data is a set of sequences, the MC-202 does not load or save patch data. CONTENTS 1. Invention Vol.1 – J. S. Bach 2. Invention Vol.1 – J. S. Bach 3. Dream – C. S. Debussy 4. Prelude – J. S. Bach 5. Snow Is […]

Tubbutec Juno-66 CPU Upgrade Cheat Sheet

I could have sworn this was posted, but I guess I never put it up. This is a little cheat sheet for those of you who have the Tubbutec Juno-66 CPU upgrade in your Juno-6 or 60 synthesizers and want to have a learning tool to help you quickly master […]

Groovewell 5 Year Anniversary – May 29 – SF

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET Groovewell SF EVENTPOSTPONED MAY 29 2020



Sunshine Jones 100% Live – Altus Festival – March 19 – Lake Tahoe

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET w/ Galen, Solar & Derrick Carter Altus Festival EVENTPOSTPONED March 19 2020

Sunshine Jones – Special DJ Set – Feb 29 SF

Sunshine Jones Special Rooftop DJ Set Private Event San Francisco FEB 29 2020

Sunshine Jones 100% at Dance Klassique 20 Year Anniversary – Wednesday February 19th 2020

DANCE KLASSIQUE 20 // Twenty years ago three friends got together and started a dance party. Wednesday nights, a night near and dear to my heart, and Joe Pea, Ryan Bauer, and Andy Gomez brought the vibe, the music, and the celebration to a San Diego which had almost forgotten […]

Sunshine Jones – Noise From The Void – Vinyl Dreams – Feb 29th 2020

Sunshine Jones Noise From The Void Special DJ Set 4pm – Vinyl Dreams San Francisco FEB 29 2020

Sunshine Jones – 100% Live Set – The Garden Party – February 15th 2020 – San Francisco

on February 15th in San Francisco ///// THE GARDEN PARTY I am playing a 100% live set for Valentine’s Day weekend at my beloved and beautiful Garden Party in the beautiful basement of Monarch. Benjamin K. McCarthy and Rachel Torro will be mixing, and the ceiling will be covered with […]


THE FRUIT OF OUR LABORS // The Sunshine Jones PLAY LIVE! Artist Residency Cohort are gathering to perform 100% live in the Empeor’s Lounge (upstairs at Monarch) in association with SUPERNATURE on Thursday the 13th of February. These are my lovely students, and they’re brave, and talented, and I am […]

Dubtribe Sound System Live at the Shakedown – Feb 8th 2020 – Philadelphia

February 8th – PHILADELPHIA //// THE SHAKEDOWN Oh yes yes yes…. Moonbeam and I are reuniting for a night of all kinds of awesome at the Shakedown in Philadelphia PA! That’s right. The mighty Dubtribe Sound System are getting it on with Rob Paine and Willyum at the Barbary and […]

LIFELINE – January 31st 2020 – Seattle, Washington

January 31st 2020 I am headed up to Seattle for two reasons: First to host one of my Play Live! Seminars as a pre event to the party, and then play a 100% live set at LIFELINE a fundraiser for Seattle’s Nightlife Relief Fund. Nightlife Relief Fund is a fantastic […]

JU-06 / JU-06A Patch Exchange

JU-06 / JU-06A PATCH EXCHANGE Q – Do the patches copy between devices? A – Yes, yes they do. JU-06 patches are numbered differently (JU06_PATCH1-64.PRM) than the JU-06A (JU06A_PATCH65-128.PRM) There is also the model to consider. JU-06 patch names are the same, and so in the 106 mode of the […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live – Le Salon Daomé – New Year’s Eve 2020, Montreal, Quebec

My sweet, beautiful Montreal. I’m headed back across the continent to spend a few days with you, with some of my favorite people alive, and play a 100% live set at one of my favorite nights in the world. Le Salon Daomé is a collective with the very talented Nathan […]

Sunshine Jones – PLAY LIVE! Artist Residency Seminar San Francisco

January 4th – February 15th 2020 in the basement of a beloved San Francisco night club. We will gather on 5 Saturday afternoons and connect, talk, and discuss the concepts of live improvisational electronic music. SESSION 1 – JAN 4th – INTRO/OVERVIEW and history plus a demonstration and an extended […]

San Diego – DK Anniversary – Feb 19th 2019

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET with very special guest Dance Klassique San Diego FEB 19 2020

Garden Party – February 15th 2020 – Monarch, SF

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET The Garden Party San Francisco FEB 15 2020

Sunshine Jones Paly Live Artist Residency SF – 5

Sunshine Jones PLAY LIVE! Artist Residency Session Five: SHOWCASE FEB 13 2020

Flammable, Seattle DJ Set Feb 2nd

Sunshine Jones Special DJ Set Flammable Seattle, WA FEB 2 2020

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – January 31st 2020 – Seattle

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET LIFELINE Seattle, WA JAN 31 2020

Sunshine Jones Play Live! Artist Residency SF – 4

Sunshine Jones PLAY LIVE! Artist Residency Session Four: SPACESHIP JAN 25 2020

Sunshine Jones Play Live! Artist Residency SF – 3

Sunshine Jones PLAY LIVE! Artist Residency Session Three: SEQUENCER JAN 18 2020

Sunshine Jones PLAY LIVE! Artist Residency SF – 2

Sunshine Jones PLAY LIVE! Artist Residency Session Two: ELEMENTS JAN 11 2020

Sunshine Jones – Play Live! Artist Residency SF – 1

Sunshine Jones PLAY LIVE! Artist Residency Session One: INTRO/OVERVIEW JAN 4 2020

New Year’s Eve 2020 Montreal

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET Le Salon Daome Montreal, QC Canada Dec 31 2019

Sunday Afternoon Social – Nov 24 2019 – Toronto, Canada

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET Sunday Social Toronto NOV 24 2019

Korg NanoKntrl2 DIY Overlays For Everyone

For a long time I’ve been looking for a way to make sense of the Korg NanoKntrl2 cheap USB/Midi controller in the dark of a performance. I’ve got a long standing love/hate relationship with these little bastards. I love them because they are inexpensive, small, and very easy to program. […]

Dreamgarden – October 19th 2019 – Los Angeles

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET DREAMGARDEN w/ Doc Martin Los Angeles, CA OCT 19 2019

The Backyard – October 12th 2019 – San Jose, California

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET The Backyard San Jose, CA OCT 12 2019

Sunshine Jones – A Love Letter To The Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up A Love Letter to the magnificent Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer. Covering the basic features of the instrument, but largely focused on the impact this drum machine had on absolutely […]


Oh my god, are you f@cking kidding me!!? I’ve been whining about the Octatrack being 8 part monophonic since I spent a year hurting my brain learning how to use it – such a crazy manual and such a different work flow – because it’s a groove box, and I […]

Sunshine Jones – 100% Live Set with M3 & Rick Preston – October 12th 2019 – Backyard Pop Up Venue – Downtown San Jose

This Saturday, October 12th, I’m packing up my spaceship and flying south to San Jose, California to reconvene with my friends Manny Alferez (DJ M3 aka Makes Me Move) and Rick Preston for a 100% live set outdoors at the pop up venue the Backyard in the heart of Downtown. […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set with Doc Martin and Steve Loria – Dreamgarden – October 19th 2019 – Los Angeles

On October 19th 2019 I’m headed down to Los Angeles to play pretty much my favorite gig. Doc Martin, Steve Loria, Jorge Bernal, and a 100% live set from me in Los Angeles for Dreamgarden. This is going to be amazing. Here’s the information and event invitation on face-page I’ll […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – Underground Souls – 13th Annual Campout – Santa Barbara, CA – October 4th – 6th 2019

I’ve been invited back down to Southern California on October 4th – 6th for the 13th annual camp out with my loves Underground Souls in the mystical Santa Barbara mountains. This is a wonderful get together of some deep, true, and delightful characters. Brilliant music, and so much love. Get […]

Roland CSQ-100/600 Root Note Adjustment and Tuning Procedure

I’ve spent the last year extensively restoring both a Roland CSQ-100 and CSQ-600 analog CV and Gate sequencer. The service notes are superb, and have been an excellent education in many things: A completely discrete A/D and D/A converter, Latches and the loops they run around a circuit board and […]

Underground Souls – 13 Year Anv. Campout – 10/05/19 Santa Barbara, CA

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET UGS 13 Year Anniversary Campout Santa Barbara, CA OCT 05 2019

Sunshine Jones – Don’t Sweat It – Sunshine’s STCDMAAB Live Mix For Cascadia

I played a fantastic festival called Cascadia this past weekend. So many talented, amazing, beautiful, generous, and far out heads gathered up in the mountains above Granite Falls, Washington and connected. I don’t really have words to describe how amazing it was, but swimming in the river, the mud pool, […]

Sunshine Jones – 100% Live Set – Flying High Fundraiser – August 9th 2019 – House of Yes – NYC

I’ve been invited right back to NYC for my debut at the House of Yes. This time it’s a fundraiser for Flying High, the Burners who bring out the 747 and really make magical things go down on the playa… Get with us, and support this ambitions, beautiful crew. I’ll […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – Cascadia Arts and Music Festival – July 25-28 2019

This year I am returning to Cascadia Arts & Music Festival in the Pacific Northwest and playing a 100% live set on Saturday July 27th as a part of the Hunter Gatherer Showcase on the Forest Stage. I’m also scheduled to host one of my Play Live! Seminars at the […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – Morgana – at the Brooklyn Mirage July 25th 2019 – NYC

I’ve been invited back to NYC for a live set along side Mr. C and a host of other brilliantly talented heads for a Thursday night free get down at the majestic and beautiful Brooklyn Mirage for a party series called Morgana. It’s such a beautiful space, with such superb […]

Sunshine Jones – 100% Live Set – House Of Yes – August 9th 2019 – NYC

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET HOUSE OF YES NYC AUG 09 2019

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set with John Kelley and more – Special Event in DTLA – July 7th 2019

I’m headed to Los Angeles after the 4th this summer for a very special event with New Weirdoing Order in a very special location in Downtown Los Angeles. Here’s the event invitation from face-page I’m playing a 100% live set along side a really unique combination of house, techno and […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live with the Mercury Soul Ensemble – June 14th 2019

SUNSHINE JONES 100% LIVE WITH AN ORCHESTRA!!! // Next Friday night – June 14th 2019 In the gloriously filthy little basement of @monarchsf (best place ever!) I am going to perform a live set with the mercury soul ensemble! Are you fucking kidding me!!!??? Whaaat!!!??? It’s true. Dj Mason Bates […]

Sunshine Jones – A Love Letter To The Roland TR-808

A Love Letter to the mighty Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer. Covering a brief re cap of what we already know, and discussing the cultural significance, and lasting inspiration this instrument has had on the world, and music in general, the basics of XOX style programming, a general overview of the […]


If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up // Here’s something interesting and fun to dig. 1. The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer playing the beat to ‘Just be good to me’ by the also mighty S.O.S. Band […]

Cascadia Music and Arts Festival 7/26-28 – Washington State

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET + PLAY LIVE! SEMINAR CASCADIA Somewhere in Washington State July 26/28 2019

Sunshine Jones – Live Set – July 25th – Brooklyn Mirage NYC

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET MORGANA Brooklyn Mirage NYC July 25 2019


May 17th – 19th of 2019 I am headed into the heart of California for Slinky 20. If you haven’t been to slinky, there’s a lot to explain. The slinky family are close, and tight, and this festival is legendary. Tickets are limited to 500, and you have to receive […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – Permission To Land – April 28th 2019 – SF Midway!

Sunday April 28th I am going down to the Midway SF’s patio to play a 100% live set in the sun. Yep, a sunday afternoon outdoor set from me in San Francisco… Come out and get your yoga together, and let’s get completely free and weird and beautiful… The Midway […]


If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up A short love letter to chords. Not meant to be an authoritative guide, nor anything much more than inspiration to get you to put your hands on instruments, and […]

Sunshine Jones – Live Set – NWO – DTLA Event – Los Angeles – July 7th 2019

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET NWO DTLA EVENT Los Angeles July 7 2019

DSS – Baltimore – June 22nd 2019

Dubtribe Sound System Baltimore June 22 2019

Sunshine Jones w Mercery Soul Ensemble – June 14th – Monarch SF

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET WITH Mercury Soul Ensemble Monarch, SF June 14 2019

Torpical Oasis – Maui Retreat – March 29-April 2 2019

I’ve been invited to fly across the Pacific to the beautiful island of Maui and play a live set beside some of my favorites: My dear one, and top ten favorite DJ Mr. Ben Annand, Christian Martin, the amazing Jimpster, my wonderfully talented friend Atnarko, the amazing Galen, my beloved […]

Sunshine Jones – 100% Live Set – Who’s Who Festival – March 22nd 2019, Ensenada, Mx

The Who’s Who Festival in Ensenada, Mexico is March 22nd – 23rd I am playing on the Who’s Who stage with Pillow Talk and Jimpster and more this year. Ensenada is about an hour drive from San Diego. Might be worth a trip over the border to get down with […]

Fifteen Paths – A conversation between author David Weitzner and Sunshine Jones – March 15th 2019 – 111 Minna Gallery, SF

David Weitzner has written a remarkable book about process, and it’s out March 5th. I’m honored to have been interviewed for his wonderful book along with Del The Funky Homosapien, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Angelo Moore of Fishbone and many more. We are getting together at 111 Minna Gallery […]

Sunshine Jones – 100% Live Set – Housepitality – March 6th 2019 San Francisco

On Wednesday March 6th I’ve been invited down to Housepitality, San Francisco’s fiercest weekly mid week party. Always good, and always packed. It’s the place to be if you need to get down mid week in town. I’m gonna play a live set and my man Tobin Ellsworth is going […]

Sunshine Jones – Live Set – Quartyard – May 26th 2019

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET Quartyard San Diego May 26 2019

Sunshine Jones – Live Set + Play Live Seminar Ensenada Mx

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET + Play Live! Seminar Who’s Who Residency Ensenada, MX May 25 2019

Slinky 20 – May 18-19 2019

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET SLINKY 20 with Wally Callerio Somewhere in California May 18/19 2019

Permission To Land – April 28th – SF

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET Permission To Land w/ Desert Dwellers Midway San Francisco April 28 2019

Tropical Oasis Maui – March 29th – April 2nd 2019 Maui

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET DJ SET + Tropical Oasis Maui March 29 2019

Sunshine Jones – 100% Live Set – Who’s Who Festival – March 22nd 2019 – Ensenada MX

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET Who’s Who Festival Ensenada, Mexico March 22 2019