Watch Our Step – Markie & Sunshine DJ set – Dec 10th – Mars Bar, San Francisco.

Hey! This is fun and different. I’ve been invited to head down to Mars Bar (796 Brannan Street) in San Francisco on December 10th and mix records with our beloved Markie (Wicked!) and I’m gonna go! The party is Watch Our Step, I’ve played with them before and it’s always […]

Flammable New Years Eve 2023/24

Sunshine Jones SPECIAL LIVE/DJ SET FLAMMABLE! Seattle DEC 31 2023/24

Special Event Mars Bar – Sunshine & Markie DJ Set

Sunshine Jones & Markie DJ SET SPECIAL EVENT San Francisco, CA DEC 10 2023

Sunshine Jones & Claire 100% Live at Le Salon Daomé Nov 24th 2023 Montreal

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET Plus Claire (also live!) Le Salon Daomé Montreal, Canada POSTPONED Nov 24 2023


TUOC-016T // SYNTHI-T EMS SYNTHI AKS TECHNICAL ILLUSTRATION T-SHIRT PRE ORDERS NOW OPEN This is a limited edition, hand made run of a technical illustration made of the mighty EMS SYNTHI AKS synthesizer. Released in 1971 the SYNTHI A and AKS are essentially the same instrument at the VCS3 but […]

SCI Drumtraks Operation Manual Revision

I’ve got a marvelous Sequential Circuits Drumtraks. It’s lovely. I’ve added

Viva Recordings 25th Anniversary – Monday September 4th – Seattle, WA

VIVA 25! I’ve been invited up to one of my favorite cities, Seattle, Washington, on Monday September 4th to play a live set on the glorious rooftop of the Monkey Loft at sunset for the 25th anniversary of Viva Recordings. Here is the face-page event information for you I’ll be […]

SUNSHINE JONES 100% LIVE – September 9th – The Storefront – Santa Rosa

I’m headed up to Santa Rosa on September 9th to play a live set in an unusual location. We discussed my hosting a play live! seminar before this evening’s performance. Not sure if that’s for sure, but I’ve offered it. Ticket information: Here is the link for tickets Space is […]

Storefront – Santa Rosa – September 9th 2023

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET Plus Special Play Live! Seminar The Storefront Santa Rosa, CA Sept 9 2023

Sunshine Jones 100% Live – Sun Klassique – September 2nd – San Diego

On September 2nd, while the weekenders are off in the expensive dust storm, we who know what’s going down every day are going to be getting it together with the Dance Klassique posse for a special event called Sun Klassique. A day party, outdoors, with superb sound, and I will […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set July 23rd – Love Long Beach Festival – Long Beach, CA

On the 22nd and 23rd of July there’s going to be just an absolutely epic event in Long Beach California. Anton Tumas and his posse are organizing the Subtract Stage for the Love Long Beach Festival and I have been invited to come down and play the sunset set on […]

Viva Party @ Monkey Loft, Seattle Sept 4th 2023

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET VIVA Recordings Special Event Seattle, WA Sept 4 2023

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Sept 2nd San Diego

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET Sun Klassique Special Event San Diego Sept 2 2023

Love Long Beach Festival July 22 & 23 2023

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET Love Long Beach Festival Long Beach, CA July 22-23 2023

Yellow Party

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET YELOW PARTY! w/ Jenö, Markie, Rachel, Torie, & Tyler The Foundry, SF July 14 2023

YELLOW – Sunshine Jones Birthday Party

Friday July 14th 2023 I am doing something I’ve never done before: Throwing a birthday party! I’ve had a few birthday parties in my life, and some of them have been really fun, but typically I host a little personal something, and it’s more about food, conversation, and my efforts […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Wednesday June 21st at the 1 Year Anniversary of STRUT SF

Wednesday June 21st Come celebrate the 1 year anniversary of STRUT SF with a 100% live set from me, with support from Ghenji & Mario Dubbz It’s a Wednesday and I’m playing late, so take your office up on some PTO, take a personal day, work from home on Thursday, […]

Din Sync RE-909 Build Guide Additional Advisory Rev D

There was a great conversation in an instagram message thread while many of us were building our DinSync RE-909 Rhythm Composers and we decided it might be helpful to everyone if someone collected the tips which really made a big difference to the builds and made some kind of a […]

Uplift! Sunshine Jones & Doc Martin – May 5th 2023 Portland, Oregon

This Friday night in Portland: UPLIFT! Manoj Mathew , Doc Martin , and me (playing 100% live for the first time in PDX since the pre tour test flight set at Folding Space in 2016 – the “3 month” tour that lasted nearly 3 years)! Very excited to return to […]

Wicked – April 22nd 2023 – San Francisco

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I’ll be playing a 100% live set beside Jenö, Markie, Thomas and Tranquil Elephantizer at Wicked in San Francisco on Saturday April 22nd. A dream come true. Seriously, three of my all time favorites, and two of my hands down favorite producers and […]


Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET STRUT 1 Year Anniversary w/ Ghenji and Mario F8, SF June 21 2023

Sunshine Jones 100% Live – Caribbean 2023

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Plus one very special DJ set Caribbean 2023 April 14th Special DJ set – St. John April 14th 100% Live Set – St. Thomas (outdoors) April 15th 100% Live Set w/DJ The Edge – Sint Maarten April 16th No-Set – Beach day – Saint Barthélemy This […]

May 5th Manoj Birthday PDX

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET with Doc Martin PORTLAND Details TBA * May 5 2023

Davenport Landing

Sunshine Jones Special Live/DJ Set Davenport Landing Free Beach Party Raindance Event! April 30 2023

Wicked! SF

wicked Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET w/ Tranquil E Jenö + Markie April 22 2023

Caribbean Adventure

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET x2! Caribbean Adventure St. Thomas, Sin Maarten, Day trip to St. Bart’s April 14-17 2023

Mexico Adventure

Mexico Adventure Nayarit, Jalisco PVA, NVA + April 2-9 2023

Monarch – Pre NYE

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET w/ Chocolate Sushi + Olivia MONARCH SF San Francisco DEC 30 2022

Sunshine Jones 100% Live At Home – Dec 30th 2022 – Monarch, SF

SUNSHINE JONES 100% LIVE AT HOME December 30th 2022 Dear ones, it’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? My stars, all the things… How does a 100% live set from me, some time together, lovely music and dancing on Friday December 30th in San Francisco sound? If you’re around, home […]

TUOC-014T Ltd. Edition SH-101 Technical Illustration T-shirt

TUOC-014T & TUOC-014T3 Limited Edition SH-101 Technical Illustration T-shirts are posted now. 25 3-packs 101 individual T-shirts Available in a pack of Red, Blue and Grey or Individually in Black, Grey, Red or Blue. Sizes XS to 5XL are available French cut (women’s cut) is also available upon request. This […]

Underground Souls 16 Year Anniversary

On October 22nd I am headed back down the California coast, and this time I am stopping off in Santa Barbara for the Underground Souls 16 Year Anniversary celebration. I will be playing a 100% live set beside my dear ones Corbin, Sans Nom, as well as Thee-O, Erik Lohr, […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live at Lightning In A Bottle 2022

SUNSHINE JONES 100% LIVE At Lightning In A Bottle 2022 A live recording is now available to stream, or purchase a WAV copy (cut into it’s aggregate tracks) for your pleasure and joy. // This experience was so heavy, and so real that this archive really had to be released. […]

Prophet Rev2 Preliminary Midi Implementation Chart

PROPHET REV2 Preliminary CC Reference Chart I went through all of the panel controls and recorded each of the buttons and knobs midi output and noted them, organized them into a preliminary midi implementation chart of common MIDI CC’s and their functions and values. More can be done using NRPN […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live – Japanese Tea Garden – Friday October 7th 2022 – San Antonio, Texas

I’ve been invited down to San Antonio by my dear ones at Southtown Vinyl for a very special free event. Outdoors, in the heart of the Japanese Tea Garden. It’s also Danielle’s birthday, and I wouldn’t miss it for you world. See you there!

Underground Souls Anniversary SB

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET UNDERGROUNDSOULS Santa Barbara, CA OCT 22 2022

Roland Jupiter-6 Tauntek Upgrade Cheat Sheet

The amazing Tauntek has released a fantastic Firmware Upgrade for the Roland Jupiter-6. It’s not quite our a Europa Mod, but since those seem to be gone from earth, this is a much needed and substantial upgrade to the midi in the Jupiter-6 synthesizer. I ordered and built two of […]

Raindance Campout – September 23rd – 26th – Pescadero, California

I’ve been invited to travel sound a bit and perform a 100% Live Set with my dear friend John Raindance at this year’s Raindance Campout! Facebook Event is here Ticket Information is here Event Website is here See you there!

RETURN: Sunshine Jones 100% Live, Marques Wyatt & Patricio – September 10th, Los Angeles

Sunday September 10th I am headed to Los Angeles to play a 100% live set on the rooftop, beside the pool with Marques Wyatt and Patricio on the brilliant Chino Sound at the Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles, California. Make sure you’re back from the playa for this. Ticket info […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live, Santa Rosa, California August 27th 2022

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set August 27th 2022 Santa Rosa, California! Here’s the event information I am really looking forward to this one. Outdoors, up north a little, out in the sun, with good people and a unique place I love so much, but so rarely get to play. This […]

Sunshine Jones – Special DJ Set – FLAMMABLE – Sunday July 31st – Seattle, WA

On Sunday July 31st I am returning home for the first time in a long time to open up my record bag and mix a very special DJ set for my dear ones and true loves at Seattle’s legendary Flammable! RE-BAR is gone, but will never be forgotten, and it […]

TUOC-007TR TR-808 Technical Illustration T-shirt Re-Issue (and Hoodie)

TUOC-007TR // BESPOKE TR-808 Technical Illustration T-shirt and Hoodie Re-Issue pre orders are open now! Got the details all sorted out, and you can go and read all about it at Prices include shipping, paypal fees, and are accounted for US, Canada, UK, EU, and elsewhere. Sizes range from […]

Sunshine Jones & Mark Farina – Japanese Tea Garden – October 7th 2022 – San Antonio

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET Japanese Tea Garden San Antonio, TX Oct 7 2022

Raindance Campout Sept 23 – 26 California

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET RaindanceCampout California Sept 23-26 2022

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – WONDERMENT FESTIVAL – July 30th 2022 – Victoria, BC Canada

I’m headed back to one of my favorite places in the world, my beloved Victoria BC, Canada. This time I have been invited to play a live set outdoors in one of the gorgeous public parks which Victoria has to offer, a 360 degree landscape of sea and trees. Breathtaking […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Performance – Mystic Vibes Campout – July 23rd 2022 – Washington State

I’ve been kindly included in this year’s Uniting Souls/Carma Collective NW Mystic Vibes Campout. Happening July 22 – 24th up in Washington State’s most gorgeous wilderness (about an hour from Seattle.) I will be there performing a live set, and enjoying the gorgeous forests and beautiful vibes of that marvelous […]

Sunshine Jones – Special DJ Set – Sunshine People Boat Party – July 17th Oakland, California

I’ve been invited aboard the Sunshine People Boat Party on July 17th. I will be there, playing a special DJ Set for you. Details are here See you there!

Sunshine Jones 100% Live – Center for Progressive Justice – Santa Fe, New Mexico – July 3rd 2022

On July 3rd I will be performing a 100% Live set with my dear ones in Santa Fe New Mexico at the Center For Progressive Justice. Supporting artists are Roses for Paradise and DJ’s to be announced. Doors are at 8pm, and the cover is $12 There’s more information about […]

Sunshine Jones – 100% Live Performance – Wednesday June 29th 2022 – F8, San Francisco

It’s true, I rarely play at home. I do it that way so that it’s special when I play. There’s nothing quite like packing up a few things, maybe choosing some gear I might not normally bring (vintage, delicate, risky) and just drive across town and park, go in and […]

Departures – Sunshine Jones & Hesohi live – June 12th Cleveland Ohio

I’ve been invited to Cleveland on June 12th to perform a 100% live set with my dear one Hesohi (lovethang) who is also playing a live set, for our friend Andre’s going away party. He’s out of there, off to Hawaii for a new chapter in his life. And so […]

Sunshine Jones – Junkyard Reprise – September 10th, Los Angeles, CA

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET JUNKYARD REPRISE w/ Marques Wyatt & Patricio Poolside on a rooftop in Los Angeles, CA SEP 10 2022

DSS – Harvest Festival, Ontario, September 17th 2022

Dubtribe HARVEST FESTIVAL Burk’s Falls, Ontario SEPT 16-17 2022

Sunshine Jones 100% Live August 27th Santa Rosa CA

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET A Very Special Daytime to Sunset Event Santa Rosa, CA AUG 27 2022

Searching For The Perfect Sync

I’ve been taking a long hard look at my favorite way to synchronize devices: Din Sync: Also known as Sync 24, but it also comes in other flavors (sync 48, sync 96, etc) din sync was introduced by Roland in 1980 at the same time as DCB (which is another […]


We don’t need a patch sheet for UDO Audio Super 6 module, we need a patch book. This wonderful, amazing, brilliant and unique synth has some fabulous tricks up its sleeve. And the best way to learn these tricks is to program sounds. At least that’s what works best for […]

Los Angeles Aug 6th DSS

DUBTRIBE Welcome LA Afterhours Los Angeles, CA AUG 6 2022

Sunshine Jones – Special DJ SET – Flammable, Seattle July 31st 2022

Sunshine Jones SPECIAL DJ SET FLAMMABLE Seattle, WA July 31 2022

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set, Wonderment Festival, Victoria BC

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET WONDERMENT FESTIVAL Victoria, BC July 30 2022

Mystic Vibes Campout – Shelton, WA July 23rd 2022

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET + Play Live Seminar Mystic Vibes Pacific Northwest JULY 23 2022

Sunshine People Boat Party DJ Set July 17th 2022

Sunshine Jones Special DJ Set SUNSHINE PEOPLE BOAT PARTY Oakland, CA JULY 17 2022

Sunshine Jones – Private DJ Set – July 9th 2022 San Francisco

Sunshine Jones Private DJ Set Invitation Only Event San Francisco JULY 9 2022

Sunshine Jones 100% Live July 3rd Santa Fe NM


San Francisco June 29 2022 F8 Presents

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET F8 PRESENTS Special Wednesday night show at home! San Francisco JUNE 29 2022

Sunshine Jones 100% Live with Hesohi June12th 2022 Cleveland, Oh

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET with HESOHI Cleveland, OH JUNE 12 2022

Dubtribe Sound System (live) at Marble Bar, Detroit May 30th 2022

Moonbeam and I have agreed, hot on the heels of my 100% live set at this year’s ligtning in a bottle festival, to get together with some beautiful people – Ron Trent, Omar S, Danny Tenaglia, Move D, Marcellus Pittman, H-Foundation, Analog Soul and more for the closing event at […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – Lightning In A Bottle – Junkyard Stage – Saturday Night May 28th 2022 – Buena Vista Lake California

I’ve been invited to this year’s Lightning In A Bottle festival, May 25-30, Buena Vista Lake, California. I will be playing a 100% Live Set at the legendary Junkyard Stage at the festival this year, Saturday night/Sunday Morning and I couldn’t be more excited. See you there! UPDATE Here is […]

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE Sundown On Main May 13th 2022 Las Vegas

On Friday, May 13th I am headed to Las Vegas to perform a 100% live set on a rooftop in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ll be up there with my dear ones from Dance Klassique, San Diego – Joe Pea and Ryan Bauer – along with GMBT, Roy Evans, and Cute […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – Break 4 Love – April 17th Los Angeles

BREAK 4 LOVE // Hey my Los Angeles friends, I am (at last) headed south to play a 100% live set at DJ SOL’s BREAK 4 LOVE. Indoor/outdoor downtown disco action. I hope to see all my Southern California dear ones out for an Easter Sunday all day get down. […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set + Play Live! Seminar, Treefort Music Festival, March 26th 2022 Boise, Idaho

Oh wait, did I tell you this? I’m driving to Boise with my spaceship the weekend of March 26th and I am playing a 100% live set at the Treefort: Esthetic Evolution Showcase with Devin Rydel Kelly and a bunch of good heads. Here is a face-page link to the […]

Watch Our Step!

WATCH OUR STEP // This Sunday is the spring equinox (at last!) and I am going to be playing some records (and singing) with my friends Jenö, Duser, Phleck, Don Gordo and special guest DJ FLASH It’s a special daytime waterfront get down at the Ramp from 2pm until 10pm […]

JX-08 The Missing Manual

Here is the missing manual for the Roland Boutique JX-08! I started making these PDF versions for us back when the first three were released (JP-08, JU-06, and JX-03) because the leaflets that came with them weren’t enough to inspire me, I wanted more. So I illustrated them with my […]

Dubtribe @Marble Bar – Detroit – May 30th 2022

Dubtribe MARBLE BAR Detroit MAY 30 2022

Lightning In A Bottle Festival – May 27-30 2022

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET Lightning In A Bottle California May 27-30 2022

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – Dance Klassique Las Vegas – May 13th 2022

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET DANCE KLASSIQUE LAS VEGAS Las Vegas, Nevada * pending May 13 2022

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – Break 4 Love – April 17th 2022 – Los Angeles

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET BREAK 4 LOVE Los Angeles, CA April 17 2022

Sunshine Jones 100% Live at Treefort Festival, March 26th, Idaho

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET + DJ set/Seminar TREEFORT FESTIVAL Idaho March 26 2022

Watch Our Step – March 20th SF

Sunshine Jones Special DJ Set w/ Jenö & DJ Flash WATCH OUR STEP San Francisco March 20 2022

Scotland Adventure


Mexico Adventure

Mexico Adventure Jan 5-12 2022

Art With Me Miami

DUBTRIBE ART WITH ME Miami, Fl NOV 26-28 2021

TUOC-013LP COHORT – Pre Sales Now Open

TUOC-013LP COHORT PRE-ORDERS ARE NOW OPEN Limited edition of 300 Vinyl LP’s No current plans in place for a digital release. Vinyl first, then we’ll worry about the waves. Head over and read all about it, listen to my beautiful cohort, and reserve your copy today! Physical delivery is […]

The Destructive Nature Of Isolation

Lately I’ve really been considering why exactly the “menu” is such a bad idea. I mean what’s wrong with having a shift/filter button and a nice little screen with some options on it? In the very early 90’s when everything went all digital pages, it was taxing, time consuming. Everyone […]

Alesis MMT-8 Adjustable Analog Clock Output with Speaker Switch

I’ve been using the Alesis MMT-8 since 1987. I’ve been all over the world with them, crashed them, restored them, and deeply loved them. They’re fantastic sketch pads, brilliant live performance tools, and it’s fair to say that without them there may never have been a Dubtribe Sound System. I’ve […]

Sunshine Jones – Live/DJ Set – At The Ramp – September 5th San Francisco

Hey! This Sunday (September 5th) I’m gonna be playing some records (and probably singing) at the Ramp with Ryan Stubbs, Miquel, Jayvi and Stan. I honestly can’t remember the last time I played a live/dj set in SF. Deeply missing, and much needed house classics, new music, deepness with singing […]

The Real Deal Party Feel

Are U Listed and The End Up have gotten together and are producing an event which will span 16 hours of madness and fun featuring my man DJ Three and Dubtribe (me and Moonbeam) performing a live/dj set in the booth with Atnarko Bear, Ben Annand and more! Lots and […]

DSS Orlando Oct 30th 2021

DUBTRIBE Zombie Raver Invasion Orlando, Fl OCT 30 2021

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set with Brian Busto – Serious Soul – September 24th 2021 – Tampa, Florida

At last… on September 24th I’m headed back to Tampa to get with my dear one DJ Brian Busto and play a 100% live set at the Castle for Serious Soul and it’s gonna rule. It’s a tight trip, flying in the day of the event, and out of there […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live at Flammable (very special pop-up) Seattle, October 1st 20201

October 1st I am headed north to have a kind of a home coming with my dear friends Brian Lyons, Michael Manahan, and Xan Lucero at my home away from home, the best place to be in the world, Flammable. It’s a special pop-up event to gather our friends and […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – Love Generator – October 2nd 2021, San Diego, California

Dance Klassique is proud to announce that our outrageously extravagant 60’s themed costume & dance party “Love Generator” is BACK Captains of our Groovy Galactic Spaceship include: Sunshine Jones – live performance Marques Wyatt Along with the superstars of ♥ : Ryan Bauer Joe Pea Terry Jasinto Gomez – DJ […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set with DJ M3 & Jordan Strong August 27th At Monarch, San Francisco

San Francisco – Dear ones would you like to get together somewhere we love, somewhere that sounds amazing and dance together? Maybe not right now, but how about August 27th? Say with me playing a 100% live set, and DJ M3? I’d love that so much. Let’s do that, k? […]

TUOC-012m TR-808 Owner’s Manual Replicant Set

Here’s a limited edition replicant set of the original Roland TR-808 Owner’s Manual, Introduction, Quick Start Card, and Preset Rhythm charts for your pleasure. Re printed with love and care in the UK. At this posting there are only 16 sets remaining available. Find out more, and score your own […]

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE – LOVE GENERATOR – Oct 2nd San Diego

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET LOVE GENERATOR Spin Nightclub San Diego, CA OCT 2 2021

Oct 1st Flammable Seattle

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET FLAMMABLE Monkey Loft Seattle, Wa OCT 1 2021

Sunshine Jones – September 24th 2021 – Tampa Florida

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET Serious Soul Tampa, Florida SEP 24 2021

DSS in SF Sept 19th 2021

Dubtribe The real deal party feel San Francisco SEP 19 2021

Sunshine Jones Live/DJ Set At the Ramp 9/5/21

Sunshine Jones LIVE/DJ SET THE RAMP San Francisco SEP 5 2021


UBUNTU: I am because we are A celebration of the power of love and what we can do together. Kai Alce, Jaysun Lovejoy, Tredamit, Roy England, Anonymous-1 and loads more, plus a 100% live set from me. More details, tickets, and location information here LOVE

Sunshine Jones – Monarch SF – August 27th 2021

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET MONARCH San Francisco AUG 27 2021

Ubuntu Live – Denver – July 24th 2021

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET Special Guest Jaysun Lovejoy Ubuntu Live Denver, Colorado JUL 24 2021

Electric Fields – May 8 2021

ELECTRIC FIELDS – Sunshine Jones 100% – Saturday May 8th 2021 – San Francisco

ELECTRIC FIELDS SUNSHINE JONES 100% LIVE Saturday May 8th 2021 4pm – 10pm with my man M3 (Manny Alferez), JoeFro (back to back with) Carry On Disco, and Jymmi James We are getting together outdoors at Distrikt 6 (11th and Bryant and Division in San Francisco) for a limited occupancy […]