SCI Drumtraks Operation Manual Revision

I’ve got a marvelous Sequential Circuits Drumtraks. It’s lovely. I’ve added San Francisco Synthworks NVRam so that I don’t need a battery, and it retains its patterns without hassle, upgraded the OS to the last firmware, and burned a few Eproms of different sounds for it. It’s a strange machine. A superb companion for my SCI Pro-One.

SCI Drumtraks Operation Manual
Assembled and cleaned by Sunshine Jones
Version 0.1A | 63.3 MB PDF format document in a compressed zip archive | Suitable for 8.5 x 11 printing in vertical format.

One of the hassles has been not having the manual. There is an Operation Manual PDF out there in the wild and it’s a bad scan. The pages are manky, and grainy and smeared. I wanted a printed copy, and so in order to prepare one for printing, I took the existing PDF file available and cleaned up every single page, and re drew many of the graphics and made it as close to the printed original as possible.

I printed it out and it’s great. A bit thick (75 pages) but personally I really don’t dig PDF manuals for things I reference regularly, and need to make notes with, and use in my studio with the instruments themselves. You are free to enjoy this cleaned up version as a PDF, or print a copy, or have it professionally printed if you like. I claim no rights to this document, as it’s just a cleaned up version of the original.



  1. Citric Acid:

    Thanks a lot for your great work. Take care CIT

  2. onthefly:

    thanks for the manual, i was struggling to find it anywhere, good quality too.