LIFELINE – January 31st 2020 – Seattle, Washington

January 31st 2020 I am headed up to Seattle for two reasons:
First to host one of my Play Live! Seminars as a pre event to the party, and then play a 100% live set at LIFELINE a fundraiser for Seattle’s Nightlife Relief Fund.

Nightlife Relief Fund is a fantastic idea where the club and arts community have gotten together to form a fund to support the DJ’s and musicians, door staff, and other typically uninsured, and under employed people who give their hearts and souls to us for many years only to fall to illness, accident, and are unable to secure adequate treatment, or assistance and needlessly leave us. This is a coalition of good people in a great community gathering to form a foundation which aims to provide this needed support.

The event is a live set from me, plus the amazing Riz and Rob, Julie Herrera, and Spaceotter.

Seminar information is here. Please come and join me in conversation about the philosophy of live electronic music, and stay for the Q and A!

The main event information is here.
Please score a ticket and show up to support this brilliant cause, and for the bad-ass event!

It’s all happening at the Monkey Loft
2915 1st Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98134

See you there!



  1. Do we have anything bubbling-up in our city like this? We should – it’s needed.

  2. Sunshine:

    @Buckner – I absolutely 10000% agree with you.