Sunshine Jones – Pre-Flight Test – Folding Space, PDX 2016

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up

March 19th was the preliminary test for this year’s live ground tour. I packed everything up and Martha and I drove to Portland to play a pre-flight test show at the wonderful quarterly event Folding Space at my dear friend Ray’s amazing Liquor Store location.
Brilliant sound, beautiful people and a wonderful night.
I learned a lot, and really got my head together for this year’s return to 100% live performance and ground touring.

This is a superb micro-document of the experience, the love, and all the wonderful vibes by Martha Traer for MT Films.

More info about the tour:

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  1. Lindsey Russell:

    And this is why I have loved you for over 20 yrs! Keep on keep in on Sunshine Jones! You rock!!!
    I am really looking forward to seeing you! It’s time to boogie!!! Working on Asheville and Sumter xoxo

  2. Nicholas Paisley:

    Will you be recording the sets for those of us unable to make any of your dates? Please say yes!

  3. Sunshine:

    I don’t think that I will be personally making live recordings – Since it’s 100% live there is no recording device in my rig to do that. People usually record things, but for this tour I would probably not expect too many bootlegs. The idea is that I am going to tour this music, and work it out as I go… then when I get home in September I will record it. So everyone who comes out is collaborating with me on my new album.
    So look for the ultimate recording of this music to be my forthcoming album near the end of the year. and then, naturally, I will tour it again!
    I urge you to make it to one of the shows and join me! love.

  4. Nicholas Paisley:

    I completely understand and that sounds like a good plan! I’ll be looking forward to it more than you can imagine!

    I’m down in Memphis, got friends in Atlanta, that would be fun. Many, many moons ago you played Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, I’ll never forget the giant hug I got from you, I had been going through some rough patches and you gave me an awesome pep talk about love, life and dancing. I will never forget it. If I can make it out to see you again I’ll find you and give you another hug.

    Thanks for the music, I cannot wait to hear this next chapter in your life!

  5. Sunshine:

    @Nicholas Paisley I will be coming to Memphis, and to Nashville, and possibly Little Rock too. A live set, a seminar and maybe a DJ set too. So it’s on baby! xo

  6. Nicholas Paisley:

    No shiz?!? Oh dude that would just make my day! You helped breathe life back into my passion for music all those years ago and you have done it all over again today. ;)

    Dude whatever I can do to help let me know! Let’s do this!

  7. Evan Godlesky:

    looking forward to seeing more of these!

  8. Carlitos Corcho:

    i like that moustache!! Go Sunshine!

  9. Tracy:

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  10. Joshua Bandy:

    Damn that sounds good. Can’t wait to get down with you, my brother.

  11. Jose Rivas:

    Thank you Sunshine! It was so good to see ya after all these years … Your set was amazing!!!

  12. Emma Clarkson:

    I am particularly liking the hat. And the beats…. natch.

  13. Simon Howlett:

    Thanks for this Sunshine, Martha, it was great to have you up here, and a great way to document it!

  14. Jen Littlz:

    See you next Saturday!

  15. Tracy:

    So nice to have some Sunshine to go with all our rain.

  16. Chuk:

    Amazing video and audio ♥

  17. Finn:

    digging the ‘tache and hat combo, like they should always have been there

  18. Fabio Eleuteri:

    often live in italy is a big problem :)
    big sunhine !!! ♥

  19. Busto:


  20. Luis Neves:

    Thank youuuuuuuu !!!!!

  21. Rose:

    good times!

  22. Quake Falardeau:


  23. Casey Niemann:


  24. Alex Marine:

    That was truly an incredible experience, Tracy told me you were gonna be great but I had no idea you would be so incredibly awesome, thank you Sunshine!