Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016 – San Diego

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up

On May 1st I arrived in San Diego and together with Joe Pea, Ryan Bauer, Andy Gomez, and Justin Navalle we threw a truly superb event outside at Park & Rec. Beautiful, loving, and so much fun!

Thank you to everyone who came out with their open hearts and minds to make this such a special event!


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  1. Lance Koppa:

    Damn Sunshine, spread that love!

  2. Carlitos Corcho:

    Cant wait to see you in Tampa in June!

  3. Sydney Turks:

    Amazing job Martha! I love this so much!

  4. Martha Traer:

    Sydney Turks – Thank you!

  5. Sans Nom:


  6. Gwendolyn Mccomsey:


  7. Justin Navalle:

    ♥ The Deep End crew loves Sunshine Jones!! ! ! !

  8. Erica Ruben:

    Looking forward to your set at Deep Space at club Cielo in NYC June 12

  9. Sunshine Jones:

    I absolutely can not wait!!!!

  10. Mayra Zavala:

    saw you at WOTN and all of my problems and stress just melted away. I was completely lost in the moment. GREAT set!!! :D

  11. Sunshine:

    @Mayra Zavala – LOVE