Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016 – Philadelphia

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Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016

On June 11th I drove down from NYC to the city of brotherly love and set up everything in a sweetly air conditioned loft called the Scratch Academy. I hosted an intimate seminar and got really close with everyone who came, and then I broke it all down and hustled over to the Barbary and set everything up again for the Shakedown. Rob Paine and I have been friends for years, his partner Will and I have been friends for almost as long. These lovely people are family to me, and they do it right. We build the system, talked and laughed, and got everything together until it was time to get down. I love these beautiful people, and they remind me of why I’m here, doing what I’m doing. Wouldn’t want to do it without them.

This is the document of this get down at the shakedown plus a little mid-tour interview about why I chose to host seminars along the way for your pleasure by my partner Martha Traer for MT Films.

More about the tour here
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More about MT Films here

thank you: Rob and Kelly Paine, Willyum, John Tordini, Heights, Dave Armstrong, Laura Lee, Michael Stagg, Frank Wall, Scratch Academy, and everyone who came out to make the Shakedown beautiful.


  1. Frank Walls:

    Love you brother!

  2. The Shakedown:

    Always a pleasure to have you in town brother, much love to you and see you in 2017 I’m sure!

  3. Rob Paine:

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Fabio Eleuteri:

    Big sunshine !!!

  5. Roman Nunez:


  6. Christina Steele:

    Waiting for you in Seattle!

  7. Sunshine Jones:

    @Christina Steele

    I was there in April and again in August baby…
    Amazing seminar, totally mind blowing live set and a bad ass DJ set on Sunday at flammable. So so so good.

    But then I came back here:…/

    And played another live set with the amazing Michael Manahan up on that rooftop! oh so good.

    I’m crazy in love with Seattle and i know i’ll be back soon.


  8. Christina Steele:

    Saw you at the August session… One of the most incredible I’ve heard. I experienced sounds I’ve never heard before, with notes hitting neural receptors previously unexperienced. I truly love your music – and keep the ♥ spreading!

  9. Sunshine Jones:

    @Christina Steele

    I remember… I loved meeting you (briefly) and I can’t wait to see you again!!! xo

  10. Christina Steele:

  11. John Tordini:

    Much love Sunshine Jones! Always have a home in Philly! ♥

  12. Sunshine Jones:

    @John Tordini


  13. Jan M Lewis Croft:

    That’s exactly why we all LOVE You so much!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  14. Jan M Lewis Croft:

    Now if only I could get you to come here to the Outer Banks of North Carolina that would be amazing!!??

  15. Sunshine Jones:

    @Jan M Lewis Croft

    I’d love to. Let’s make it happen! I love North Carolina dearly.

  16. Jan M Lewis Croft:

    Wow really? I will work on it for sure!!!!

  17. Laura Lee:


  18. Craig Augustine:

  19. Summer Joy:

  20. Kevin James Kerrigan:

    This is very cool

  21. Robert G Brown:

    You and Martha Traer are so inspiring. To give of your selves in such massive creative ways to our community. Love to you both and forever grateful.

  22. Mike Latigid Addis:

    I love you shine! Keep doing you bro!