Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016 – Northern California

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Sunshine Jones
Live Ground Tour 2016

May 6th, 7th, and 8th I arrived back in Northern California for a string of beautiful events. First was up in Nevada City for a seminar and a live set with the amazing Matthew Wich. The immortal Monte Cazzaza (of Psychic TV) and Meri St Mary (the face of Flipper and defender of the lost and the loud) were in attendance and we connected and sparks flew up into the night sky.
Then I headed home and slept in my own bed for a couple nights and hosted a seminar at Vinyl Dreams, and played a live set down in my old neighborhood for the beautifully radiant heads from the Disco Cabana.
Bubbles was there, Adnan M Sharif was there, Jennifer Donahue was there, Jen Ruhl, Tobin Ellsworth, and the craziest pile of flamboyantly beautiful and energized loves.
Such a sweet, loving, and wonderfully playful way for make a little stop at home on this long, strange, magnificent trip I’m currently on.

Thank you.

This is the document of the experience in a short film by my amazing partner Martha Traer for MT Films.

More about this tour here

More about MT Films here


  1. Tobin Ellsworth:

    I’m still buzzing from those two days. That was a total dream come true. Thank you thank you thank you for the magic you conjure. I can’t wait to see what comes of the rest of the tour. I love you guys ♥

  2. Sunshine Jones:

    @Tobin – Oh man, and what an absolute diamond YOU are. Such amazing music. I love you too!!!! xo

  3. Yasir Sadeque:

    Did this really happen? It still feels like a dream! Love you Alicia Baron and the whole KSA Disco Katz family! ♥ Sunshine Jones… wow. Just wow.

  4. Bianca Farrell:

    That day was everything and more ♥

  5. Meri St Mary:

    Luv this Short! What a good team You & Martha are: & it’s true the sparks flew in a vunderbah way, we Love You!!!

  6. Matthew Wich:

    : ) you are also amazing. quite the weekend we had there!

  7. Peter Park:

    Hey Sunshine! do you know where i can get a Dubtribe shirt? i lost mine a few years back…

  8. Sunshine Jones:

    @Peter Park – Yes! I am selling some sick t-shirts over at – including the DSS logo shirts!