Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016 – New York

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Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016
New York

Sadly Martha Traer’s camera was stolen right out from under her nose at Cielo. That beautiful device is always wrapped around her wrist, or safely under her arm and she is vigilant about it. But somehow someone managed to distract her, and through some nefarious slight of hand stole away with her beloved machine, and we were none the wiser until we returned to Jersey City to discover it was gone.

Martha is way too proud to ask for help, but I’m not.

If you love these documents, and you’d like to see more of them please consider giving a little something toward her replacing the camera. She needs $5,000 to replace what was stolen from her.

I have offered to match 100% of the donations received, and make up the difference. After all, she’s my girl, and she’s the tour documentarian, so the tour will cover all that it can toward restoring her to active film making status.

You can help by sending whatever you can via paypal to

Please add a note for Martha. I’ll make sure 100% of the donation goes directly to her (plus a matched donation from me) and we’ll have her back filming the world in no time!

This is the document made from what footage Martha had already backed up before the camera was stolen.
The music is she and I singing ‘The Hammond Song‘ in the car as we drove away from New York City.

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THANK YOU: Erica Ruben, François K, Cielo, Sean and Stephanie Brennan, Evan and Rylan, Matt Corwine, Courtney K, Neil Harris, Robert Lowe, Control Brooklyn, MeMe Antenna, Mission Comics, John Baker, Allizon Kozoll, Magic Curry Cart, Frank Walls, Candice B, Dennis Racette, Michael Stagg, Martin Allman, Talla Albassi, Jenni Bregman, Tres Johnson, Paul Adaire, Lorin Vincent, Lois Lawhead, William Bridgewater, Kimberly Clarke, Luke Elmer, Nichole Little, Jenn Littlz, Leah Logan, Danielle Thunderhawk, James Rigney, and Brandon Godwin.