Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016 – Beautiful British Columbia

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up

I left Texas and made tracks for New Mexico and landed there in the high desert for about a week. Things happened. It was magical there.

Then we set off for British Columbia, and traveled through Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington state before meeting one of Jean Claud Van Damme’s relatives at the Canadian border. He was fun, and preached doom and gloom for the prospects of entering the nation of Canada. We smiled, said a lot of “Yes sir” and “No sir” and he went off to discover that we knew what we were talking about, and he did not. So we were admitted with a grumble, and a frown, but off we drove into the beautiful after dark lights of Vancouver.

In Vancouver I assembled my live rig and performed for an inspirational community of people who have refused to be proved out of the city, and created the most wonderful community. An inspiration of all urban artists and alternative families who want to remain in the heart of their regions, but do not wish to succumb to inflation, displacement, and the waves of greed eating away at urban culture and life these days all over the world. They told me the ideas for their work came from San Francisco, and I laughed. I wish we were doing that back home instead of writing about doing it and inspiring others. It would be amazing to see groups of people rally against the pricks of
economy and build beautiful and idealistic refuge like this one in Vancouver, where children are safe and loved, and people are at ease and connected. Love.

The visit wouldn’t have been complete without a stop at Intellijel Designs Inc. They were sweet enough to let me visit and get a first hand look at the new Jelly Squasher, Rainmaker, and other ideas which are coming soon. Danjiel himself showed me through the new modules, and I was not just impressed with the people who work there as well as Dan himself, but I was literally moved to tears by how beautiful they sound. And lucky me got my hands on the very first 7U Intellijel case. Such a blessing. Such good people.

Then we took the black ball ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island where I met Victoria. Natty hosted us in the center of town, showed us around, treated us to magnificent food, and I was charmed and felt curiously home sick. The people were lovely, Lucky Bar was divine, the gig was… well it was awesome.
And then the next day I set up everything at PK Sound and offered up a seminar. Many serious and interesting people gathered and I felt we’d made a solid connection. I love the idea of bringing people who make electronic music, and are hoping to make electronic music together with people who love electronic music and let them take the conversation from there.
This is the third document of the ground tour (fourth if you count the art installation) from Martha Traer for MT Films.

More info about the tour:

More info about MT Films:

I hope you feel the adventure, and the love as we experienced it.
Love and praise and thank you.

Thanks to: Martha Traer, Solomon Potashnick, PK Sound, Lorne Hammond, Lucky Bar, Victoria, Taryn Penrice, and everyone who came out to dance, and dance, and dance.


  1. Joshua Bandy:

    Damn that sounds really good.

  2. Oliver Marks:

    +1 sounds terrific!!

  3. Lindsey Russell:

    Nice work Sunshine Jones and Martha! Right on! Look forward to seeing you all

  4. Sarah-Hannah Bedard:

    I am in there dancing! That was the best set I have seen in YEARS! Much respect!

  5. Shawn Dempsey:

    super stoked for this weekend!

  6. Adrian Pescetto:

    You’re doing special things Sunshine and truly are an inspiration. Thank you my man!

  7. Dennis Racette:

    Amazing micro doc by MT and you of course. I get goose bumps when I watch these. Great stuff

  8. Andreas Hansson:

    When it’s the new version of i just wanna fly out? I need it

  9. Sunshine Jones:

    @Andreas – It’s out this summer on Adult Contemporary. On vinyl… Oh yes.

  10. Megan Clark:

    Best night in a while – thank you

  11. Melanie Plant:

    So awesome you really have found your niche!

  12. Joseph Seibert:

    Love it brother!

  13. John McEleney:

    Is this track available through Treehouse or iTunes?

  14. Sunshine Jones:

    @John McEleney – The song is “I just wanna fly”
    It’s coming out on vinyl this summer on Adult Contemporary.
    It will also be on my new album.
    But no, it’s not available right now. A version of it – live DJ version – was also a part of the deepsite records anniversary mix I did for them.

  15. Lance Koppa:

    So great! Thank you for sharing.

  16. Jesse D. Carmo:

    That was WONDERFUL ! Thank you for sharing SJ.

  17. David Bodrug:

    Thanks so much for your inspiring seminar, and for bringing the people together to make our connections from there!

  18. Martha Traer:

    What a wonderful time in Vancouver and Victoria. Thank you!

  19. Sean Ober:

    Rapper’s Delight cowbell… yes? Really could be from anywhere but, Wow!… Sunshine U R not playing around. You can feel how inspired you’ve been!!! Really happy for you :o)

  20. Sunshine Jones:

    @Sean Ober – I love that a recording of me playing my own chrome cowbell sounds like rapper’s delight to you Sean. Quell compliment!!! xo

  21. Paul Adair:

    Looks and sounds awesome can’t wait for SE Asia redux ♥

  22. Danielle Solskin:

    This is beautiful.

  23. Sophie:

    I love this! I love YOU ♥ ♥ ♥

  24. Rory Cochrane:

    Quality! Love that track!!!!!

  25. Nome Edonna:

    Damn, that sounds good! Wish I were there to shake it with ya!

  26. Totally Tami:

    Look at the energy!!! Love!!

  27. Chris Clemo:

    Wow amazing track and video. Curious to know if the song is available to purchase?

  28. Sunshine Jones:

    @Chris Clemo – The song is ‘I Just Wanna Fly’ and this version will be out this summer on vinyl on Adult Contemporary. You can also find a live/DJ version of the song on the Deep Site Recordings anniversary mix CD that I did for them last year.

  29. Chris Clemo:

    Very nice. Thank you kind sir. Love your music, been a fan for many years! I shall make it a point to attend LA when you visit.