Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016 – Asheville, NC

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Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016
Asheville, North Carolina

On June 17th I rolled into Asheville and stayed with my dear one Shawn Ivy and hustled over to the AMH and set up a seminar. Good heads arrived and we had a great talk.
Then came the main event. Josh Hughey and I connected and we made some magic. The people of Asheville turned out and made this night really magical.
This is Martha Traer’s document of the experience for your pleasure.

More about the tour here
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More about MT Films here

THANK YOU: Josh Hughey, Sara Blandin, Dan Wedge, Matteo, Rebecca Vann, Shawn Ivy, and everyone who came out to the seminar and the event to make this so very special


  1. Danielle Solskinn:

    This made me smile so big ♥

  2. Cass Holiday:

    Making miss home even more. Come here Sunshine ♥

  3. Shawn Ivy:

    Cashew says she misses you guys!

  4. Wesley Brown:

    I’m glad you enjoy Asheville. We’ve enjoyed your music for years. I really miss it sometimes but it will always be home.

  5. Laura Lee:


  6. Theresa Murray:

    This is a great little piece/insight into your forays!!

  7. Kwisatz Haderach:

    I love you

  8. Rebecca Vann:

    love to you both ♥

  9. Josh Hughey:

    nice work peeps! Thanks Sunshine and Martha ; )