Are you anything like Sunshine? 2011 Preview Edition

2009 – 2010 has been a deeply transformational period for me. I have changed. I was reading the questions for the 2010 Edition of this quiz which I prepared last new years and felt so distant from the questions, that when I took the quiz I discovered that even I wasn’t anything like me. Time for change.

So let’s begin shall we? Below is a link to the 2011 Preview edition of the quiz which asks simply “Are you anything like me?”

Take the quiz

A word about results:
This should be fun. The questions should make you laugh, and think. They include politics, sex, and more… so this is not a quiz for the delicate or the desperate. Just try to reflect upon your own feelings, give your answers for yourself, and don’t worry about the results.

I do not get the results of the tests, and have no interest in tracking the people who take this quiz. What I would like is that you post your results here so we can talk about them.

Have fun!


  1. silentsister:

  2. silentsister:

    well, that didn’t work, lol, but I am so glad you are here too! <3

  3. Sarah:

    soulmates :) and all honestly answered, the superpowers one stumped me the most though.

  4. befree:

    So far north, no ships could sail… do you think that’s true? I don’t ;)

  5. Sunshine:

    I don’t either…
    There is no distance our ships couldn’t reach.
    The line is a poetic reference to Neitzsche. Please don’t take it literally…

  6. Erich:

    apparently, We are soulmates…

  7. We are associates

    We may be very similar in many respects.
    I bet we’d make great friends.

    What fun!


  8. I don’t see anything wrong with a little social heroin use, as long as I have the ability to control an entire herd of bunnies.

  9. Corbin:

    Corbin Correlates! We’re soul mates!

    Now kids for the bonus round!


    o Doesn’t really exist
    o I found mine already
    o A mirror image of myself
    o Completes me
    o What the fuck is a “soulmate”?
    o Doesn’t love me anymore
    o Everyone I meet
    o Two souls mating
    o Can it be a cat or a dog?

  10. Sunshine:

    I’m in Corbin…

    loving the bonus round.

    o Everyone I meet

  11. Elaine Sokoloff:

    We were soulmates then and we’re soulmates now, Sunshine! (I’ve gone through a lot of changes this year too. No doubt :)

  12. Soulmates!…who knew? We must both have killer butts.