VSL D-ENV Basic Patch Diagram

In an effort to explore and learn better about what the Vintage Synth Lab D-ENV module can do, I drew up a diagram poster of some of the basic ideas behind the module. It was fun and inspiring to really take a hard look at the ideas behind how the module works, and so I thought it might be a nice idea to make the poster available for you too, in case you have been wondering the same things I have.

Here is a PDF A4 document suitable for printing, or downloading for digital use which provide the basic illustration of the following:

2. DELAYED ADSR -the hard way.
3. DELAYED ADSR -the easy way.
4. Double Gate
5. Clocked Double Gate
6. Variable Double Gate
7. Cycling ADSR

Hope this helps bring some light and inspiration to your exploration of gates, triggers and envelopes.