Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016 – Washington DC

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Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016

June 10th 2016 Charles Feelgood and I got together and sold out U Street Music Hall. Hot on the heels of the final Fever at Paradox in Baltimore, we gathered up our Washington DC family and loved the heck out of everyone.
Scott Herman in his infinite and stylish wisdom saw for himself what a beautiful space ship I am flying in, and climbed into he rafters to place go pro cameras to make sure we were transmitting the full display of modular synthesis and diverse electronic contraptions from where I was orchestrating up onto the screen and out into the world.

I love Washington DC, it’s a beautiful city that is always in transition. The people who move through her arms are ambitious, devoted, desperate, and strange… but the people who live and thrive there, the locals, are what make the world go around for me. From the Ethiopian food to the dance parties on every other street corner, the drum circle in the park, to the sweet faces of friends I’ve known and loved for decades, DC is where its at (Sam Burns has a posse, and I am one of them!)

This is Martha Traer’s document of the event, produced for MT Films featuring my live U-Hall re edit of my track ‘Cry & Release’ which will be included on my next album along with all of the material from this amazing tour.

More about the tour here
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More about MT Films here

Huge Love & Thanks:
Charles Feelgood, Scott Herman, Chris Nitti, Tala, Chinwae, Emily, Lyric Clark-Underwood, and everybody who turned up and got down with us to make this night such a smash!


  1. Neil Fox:

    I used to live out there and was a regular at both buzz and fever. Where I first got into your stuff.

  2. Danielle:

    One of the best events I have been to…ever. Stayed until the last note was played. Loved every minute of it.

  3. Neil Fox:

    Also Martha Traer you did another wonderful job on this video

  4. Martha Traer:

    Thank you!

  5. John Jones:

    Topgeezers/Topvideos :)

  6. Scott Buster Herman:

    Great job on the video. What a great night!

  7. Martha Traer:

    @Scott Buster Herman – Thank you!

  8. Christian Thomas:


  9. Emily:

    Beautiful, just like the artists who created it ♥

  10. Martha Traer:

    @Emily – xoxo

  11. Rhonda Mendoza:

    You captured such a special experience for Sunshine. We are so grateful for U Street Music Hall Family. They always bring EPIC and historical events. Yes, DC Family is filled with such love & gratitude. Dancers are everywhere. United by the Love of Music. Much Love & Respect to Sunshine and YOU!!! Thank you so very much. Still smiling!!!

  12. Ernesto Roman Vega:

    I love it!!! What you’re currently doing live is what you mentioned wanting to put together when I saw you last. Now, I feel like that was absolutely too long ago!!!

  13. Fabio Eleuteri:

    !!!!! Big Sunshine