Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016 – Texas

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April 1st was the first date of the Sunshine Jones Live Ground Tour 2016.
It began in Texas: Houston, San Antonio, and Austin with seminars at Southtown Vinyl in San Antonio and at Super Happy Fun Land in Houston where I set up my gear and began an open conversation with everyone about modern synthesizers, modular synthesis, and live improvisational electronic music. The gigs were even better than we had expected (and I had very high expectations after how amazing Portland’s test-flight was.)
This is the document of the Texas experience by Martha Traer for MT Films.
Soundtrack- The Sun by Sunshine Jones (me) which is also available on DJ Three’s amazing compilation Phono Obscura.

More info about the tour:

More info about MT Films:

Enjoy this. I love you.

Thanks to: Southtown Vinyl, Paper Tiger, Tommy Newman, Gabe Garza, Super Happy Fun Land, Jason Rowe, Josh Dupont, Ethics Music Lounge, Adam Warped, Daniel Allen, Kelly Cooke and the amazing JDS Lasers


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