Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016 – Seattle

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up

April 22nd I got together with Shawn Dempsey & Patchwerks in the beautiful Substantial space (right below Matthew Corwine’s old loft) and hosted a really beautiful seminar.

April 23rd we opened Paradise Sunset Sessions and bloomed at Monkey Loft with Sylwia Jarosz, Xan Lucero, Calyn Kuefner, Wesley Holmes, Mikey Mars and a huge pile of beautiful people and I played a live set.

April 24th I rocked Flammable with my main man Brian Lyons and it was beautiful.

This is the document of the experience from the amazing and talented Martha Traer for MT Films.

This tour is going even better than I had hoped.
So much love. So many beautiful new faces and wonderful old friends getting together and making things happen.


More info about the tour:

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  1. Xan Lucero:

    Still buzzin

  2. Sylwia Jarosz:

    ^^me too!

  3. Sunshine Jones:

    Meee three!!!

  4. Wesley Holmes:

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. Wesley Holmes:

    sunshine jones weekend … more please

  6. Sunshine Jones:

    Let’s do it tonight!!!!

  7. Xan Lucero:

    Meet you there :)

  8. Calyn Kuefner:


  9. Sylwia Jarosz:

  10. Shawn Dempsey:

    Wonderful! Glad I could be a part of it.

  11. Sunshine:

    @Shawn Dempsey

  12. Martha Traer:

    Thank you Shawn Dempsey!

  13. Calyn Kuefner:

    What an honor to be a part of this beautiful love buzzing weekend .

    It just warms my heart to watch all of these people whom I love so much dancing so happy and free in these places that we call not just our home but our church as well .
    Sylwia Jarosz I were watching in almost a state of disbelief and gratitude that we were able to be a part of this creation .

    Thank you so incredibly much for what you do for our scene and all of us here in these dancey places .
    Much heartfelt love to you . ♥

  14. Sunshine Jones:

    Totally. Right? Pinch me!!!! LOVE

  15. Dana Suzanne Kovats:

    Just a little love from a dancer in the crowd! Both nights were magical.

  16. Sunshine Jones:

    @Dana – YOU are why I do what I do. I love you more… Thank you.

  17. Patchwerks:

    Thank you Sunshine!

  18. Mel Mel:

    Thanks again beautiful beings!! ♥ ♥

  19. Joseph Seibert:

    Love it brother! Awesome work with that “I wanna be your lover ” re edit right there &heart; Can’t wait to see you in Ohio !!!!!

  20. Sylwia Jarosz:

    This video is incredible! You captured the love beautifully and I’m honored that we have it documented in such a way that brings you right back to the heart of it all ♥ Thank you, Martha Traer!

  21. Sunshine Jones:

    Right? MT Films for life!!!!

  22. Martha Traer:

    thank YOU! xxoo

  23. Calyn Kuefner:

    Martha Traer, this is an amazing video . You caught moments here with our fam that resonate and definitely show what our scene is about here in Seattle ♥
    @Anton Bomb , she caught you being the cute and wonderful that you are .

  24. Sonya Lea:

    Beautiful work, Martha Traer.
    Sunshine, so happy for you on this tour.

  25. David Duarte Chingoi:


  26. Erica Ruben:

    Can’t wait for Sunshine on June 12 at Deep Space in NYC!

  27. Brian Lyons:

    Beautiful nights :) ♥

  28. Chris Di Re:

    true house music…amazing!!!

  29. Lance Koppa:

    Brilliant! The Sunshine train just keeps gaining momentum.

  30. Lois Lawhead:

    Wonderful! Seattle looks like it’s on fire! Some great footage here — I love that swinging light (among so many other things about this)!

  31. Sunshine Jones:

    @Lois Lawhead – The red light is a flammable tradition. When you play a track someone loves they smack that light.
    It’s a brilliant tradition. It’s was swinging all night!

  32. Drew Ready:

    And not a cellphone on the floor. Yes!

  33. Casey Niemann:

    You know it’s good when you’re humming the songs the next day ;D

  34. Laser Kat:

    Any chance of a Portland show ?

  35. Sunshine:

    @Laser Kat – It was March 19th

  36. Laser Kat:

    Damn sorry I missed it :(

  37. Sunshine:

    @Laser Kat – Me too! I bet I’ll be back up there. It was pretty fun. The foldingspace crew rule, and Ray’s spot (liquor store) has superb sound.

  38. Laser Kat:

    Friend of Kim Hamage. He turned me on to you. If you need a laser when you’re here let me know !

  39. @Laser Kat – I love lasers.

  40. Lauren Robbins Driver:

    So happy to have met you and witnessed all this magnificence ♥

  41. Calyn Kuefner:

    @Lauren – I’m sooo happy that your generation is connecting to Sunshine and what he is about and that you get it ! ♥

  42. Luke Doyle:

    Nice lol this actually inspired me to fck all the feelings of fear when performing, and to really speak my mind! I don’t feel so bad at 29 now

  43. Courtney Parker:

    This is so beautiful!! Well done to everyone involved!! Looking forward to the next chapter!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  44. Alberto Alvarez R:

    ¡ Eres el mejor !. saludos desde España ( Europa ).