Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016 – OMAHA

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Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016
OMAHA, Nebraska

When you’ve been on the road since March 19th, and it’s June 6th, and you’re out here looking backwards through these endless plains, rolling and beautiful pastures and prairies and you’ve looked into the eyes of sweet, loving, amazing people who want to dance, and cheer, and talk, and share, and love… things begin to take a different shape. Relationships, and ideas are shifted in the light, as if through a prism, and the artifacts and reflections begin to dance, and play with the world as my old ideas start so slip away.

My guard goes down, and my heart opens, and things are not what they seemed before. They are better now. More honest, and more hopeful. Free.

This is the document, as best it could be expressed, of the stop in Council Bluffs/Omaha
The film is by Martha Traer for MT Films
The music is recorded live, by Sunshine Jones

More about the tour here
(be sure and scroll to the bottom to see all of these documents)

More about MT Films here

THANK YOU: Très Johnson, Brent Crampton, House of Loom, Drips, Lowercase Sounds, Angela Spence, Bill, Ronin, and Avery, Amber, Brandon, Mark the Barber, Natalie, Brian, David, Annie O and all those sweet, magical people who wrapped their arms around us afterward and came to dance, go wild, cheer, and get free together.


  1. Forrest Roush:


  2. Très Johnson:

    nice one!

  3. Tommy Newman:

    Haha! Very nice!

  4. Brent Crampton:

    MUCH appreciation for coming through, and to Très Johnson for making it happen. Was just talking about the show last night.

  5. Jamie Lyn:

    Amazing video!!

  6. Brandon Godwin:

    It was an amazing weekend that really got my mind moving on what could be. Thank you everyone involved!

  7. Nicky Bernardi:

    You’re beautiful inside and out!! What a great experience… The whole tour!!

  8. Linda Powers:

    YAY! <3

  9. Angela Spence:

    It was all perfect ♥ PM’d your inbox- thank you

  10. Silent Sister:

    High plains team heroes!!

  11. Casey Niemann:

    I am just so impressed…Très Johnson, I am beholden before you ;D

  12. Joceline Saindon:

    El Gringo que esperas està viniendo a…
    Sunshine Jones Live Ground Tour 2016.
    Ta tournée s’arrête à Montréal???

  13. Sunshine Jones:

    @Joceline Saindon – I wish love. I tried. No reply…

  14. Sam Goldsmith:

    Hahahaha! The fucking horse head is crucial.

  15. Adam Sherrerd:

    Martha Traer we love you! you are killing it with the tour films…thanks for shining your light on Omaha

  16. Emma Clarkson:

    I love this one ♥ ♥ ♥

  17. Daniel Englisch:

    that’s uber cool :)

  18. Jennifer Donahue:

    The world would be a better place if everyone wore a horse head. Every once in a while.

  19. Lance Koppa:

    These mini films are fantastic! My compliments to all involved.

  20. Très Johnson:

    i took all the energy that i was feeling after this weekend and let that inspire me on this work of art. i thought about how awesome it was that Brent Crampton, House of Loom opened their space to us, and collaborated to make this happen. i thought about how Angela Spence was looking for us, just like were looking for her. i thought about Brandon Godwin flying up to share in the experience. i thought about you talking to me about HOME. i thought about Martha Traer documenting everything along the way. i thought about you singing my favorite dubtribe song in Drips. i thought about all of the LOVE in the rooms. as i was thinking about it all, and letting it consume me, so that i could get over some other shit. it all came to me. the take away from the weekend. (fall in love, not in line)

  21. Angela Spence:

    Yes! To all of it. I think we are all in a better place after that magical weekend ♥ We all needed each other
    Love this, Très! Let’s get together and dance soon!