Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016 – Minneapolis

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Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016

May 20th I rolled into Minneapolis, Minnesota and set up my gear with Craig Lambert? and the Disco Devils and we got down at Clubhouse Jäger together.
May 21st I hosted a really sweet seminar over at Slam Academy? and we talked about process, and modular synths, and modern synthesizers and how to connect all these inspiring dots today.
That night I played a DJ with Craig and all the Disco Devils at a deeply beautiful after-hours event that blew all our minds.

This is the document of these experiences plus a little mid-tour interview for your pleasure by my partner Martha Traer for MT Films.

More about the tour here
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More about MT Films here

thank you: Craig and his beautiful wife Kristin Lambert?, Clubhouse Jäger?, Nathan Be?, Foxtone Music?, Elaine Marigold Avery?, Neil Fox?, Alayna Aiken?, Renee O’Brien?, The bus full of loaded ladies who poured into the club, and everyone who showed up to dance, and feel free and get real with me. LOVE


  1. Neil Fox:

    Thanks it was super awesome to see you play and to be able to talk music with you.

  2. Antonio Cash Ceron:

    C O O L

  3. Foxtone Music:

    Thanks for gracing our fine city with your presence for the weekend. Was a treat!

  4. Brandi Rasmussen:

    One of the best performances I’ve seen all year.

  5. Sunshine Jones:

    @Neil Fox – I pointed Moonbeam your way regarding ambient experiments, and also pointed Très Johnson your way too. I think you guys would make seriously heady magic together!

  6. Alayna Aiken:

    Thank youuuu Sunshine!!! I am SO grateful to have had a reunion with you, to meet Martha and talk with you!! Your words were the absolute best words that anyone has ever said to me in the last ten years! Yes, it IS good for me to be home again. I will always love and have part of my heart in San Francisco, but this is where my heart is to be! It was so awesome to be on that dance floor dancing to your amazing and beautiful live music, voice and beats talent!! Most importantly, it was so wonderful to have the privilege to share in on, to hear who you are, what you are doing as a musician, and what the ground tour project is all about at the intimate musical seminar. : )
    Definitely something to remember, to store in my memory and hold close to my heart as one of the best and most precious experiences in my house music passion for life memories!! ♥

  7. Craig Lambert:

    Just absolutely thrilled that we could be a part of this amazing weekend! Thank you!!! This video is awesome!

  8. Neil Pearson:

    Thanks for sharing this! It was so wonderful to talk with you and Martha. Come back soon please!

  9. Renee O'Brien:

    So honored and jazzed and psyched for being a part of this. the most awwwwwsome thing, the dedicated shout outs and tags for us participators!

  10. Alayna Aiken:

    Thank you so much Martha for the wonderful video!! Excellent footage!!