Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016 – Denver

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up

Between April 27th and 29th we drove from Seattle to Denver. Along the way we had Yellowstone National Park practically to ourselves, drove through a wild snow storm, and arrived in the mile high city for a reunion meal with old friends, new friends, and a little baby boy. Then I boarded the golbus and played records for sweet sparkles, set up at the spot and hosted an intimate seminar and opened up a lovely conversation, and finally I played an after-hours live set for the afterglo posse in a beautiful warehouse.

This short by Martha Traer for MT Films is the document of that experience.

Very special thanks to:
Yellowstone National Park, James Alex Johnson, Lois Lawhead, Calamitee Meg, Brick Lee, Martha Traer, and everyone who came out to dance and dance and lift the vibe higher.


More info about the tour:

More info about MT Films:


  1. James Alex Johnson:

    SOO much love!

  2. Mark Stebbins:

    Dude please do a documentary

  3. Sunshine Jones:

    @Mark – We kind of are… have you seen that we’re releasing a document for each experience? They’re all here on my wall. And also in the tour info page


  4. Mel Mel:

    Wild snow storm… Yep that’s Wyoming!!!

  5. Mel Mel:

    Mel Mel Btw, did you have the Kum-n-Go experience?

  6. Sunshine Jones:

    @Melanie – I have no idea what that is Mel. But it sounds pretty dirty, so I like it.

  7. Casey Niemann:

    BAM! Nice little post-tease ;D

  8. Lucy Schulz:

    Love the short film Martha

  9. Martha Traer:

    Thank you Lucy!

  10. Lois Lawhead:

    Yaay! What a fun mini-documentary of your time in and around Denver, Sunshine! Another wonderful video, Martha! So many good memories made.

  11. Martha Traer:

    Thank you Lois!!! Xx