Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016 – Akron

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Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016

On June 3rd, straight off a rooftop in Chicago I rolled into Akron in the nik of time. Set up fast, and hosted a Play Live! speed seminar without power, cables or audio examples and it was actually pretty awesome. Then the doors of the three story warehouse were open, the lights went out, and it was on!
A wonderful trio of amazing and well equipped friends stood by and held flash lights for Martha and I as we plugged everything in, and one of them even dashed out to the store for a pair of head lamps for us to wear at the next warehouse we found ourselves in (which has now saved the day more than a dozen times – thank you!)

This is Martha Traer’s document of this event and the discussion we had regarding the significance, and personal importance of the “warehouse” as it relates to us.

More about the tour here
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More about MT Films here

Huge Love & Thanks:
Eartha L Goodwin, Douglas Hesohi, Jess E Maas, Justin Hartman, Jimmy Morris, Josh Quiet, Jonathan Heathcote Brown, Gregory Howard, those darlings who held the flashlights, and everyone who showed up and got down with us!


  1. Laura Lee:

    Love you Sunshine Jones ♥ ♥ ♥

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  3. Chad Alaric Mason:

    Yaya! That was a great party! Thank you Sunshine : )

  4. Allison Wise:

    Great time!! So much love!

  5. Shannon Feider:

    I’m so happy to have been able to be apart of this experience!!

  6. Shawna Cook:

    Wow! *goosebumps*

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  8. Jeremy Morrison:

    Great time! Thank you!

  9. Justin Hartman:

    How cool is that!

  10. Liz Darcy:

    Kevin Jackson on lights and visuals

  11. Kevin Jackson:

    Ryan Johnquest too

  12. Daune Turner:

    Love you, Sunshine <3

  13. Casey Grimm Bailey:

    Such a great time that night was!!!

  14. Justin Bailey:

    What a dope night!

  15. Neil Fox:

    I only caught 2 sets on the main stage at Even Furthur cause I was helping run the Headspace Collective stage but you and Miles Maeda made the whole trip worth it.

  16. Tanya White:


  17. Kai Loo:

    Beautiful video Martha! What a night

  18. Eartha L Goodwin:

    This video brings on intense feelings of love in me. Love you Sunshine Jones and Martha Traer!! LOVE

  19. Denise Wharran:

    Badass #freetogether

  20. Jess E Maas:

    Gratitude and love. Thank you Sunshine Jones and Martha Traer. My heart is happy.

  21. Oliver Marks:

    Nice one Martha Traer!

  22. Jeremy Thyret:

    I definitely felt the vibe that night! One of my most memorial birthdays for me.Thank You again Eartha L Goodwin!

  23. Brian Satornino:

    Love this brother!! Beautiful ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ just like you guys

  24. Tristan Cornish:

    So beautifully said, keep on killing it! Every stop you make is so different, but always reminds me of that great weird night in Atlanta!

  25. Robert Hinds:

    Fantastic night! One Love!

  26. C Herish Benton:

    Love this video! Loved the vibe in Asheville. Definitely a highlight of this summer!! ♥

  27. Ashley O'Hara:

    Love love love

  28. Deeann Lorenzo:

    Fantastic !
    Love you always Sunshine

  29. Calyn Kuefner:

    That sounds dope AF . In another dimension I’m there with you guys

  30. Shinji Imai:

    please come on japan!!!!

  31. Anakha Cleversy:

    Gotta love Akron OH!!! ♥

  32. Gabe Garza:

    Love brother!!
    Stay safe & beautiful!!!!

  33. Lucy Schulz:

    Together xx

  34. Angela Clifford:

    Beautiful. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  35. Ray ONeil:

    Come back to San Antonio soon!

  36. James Sorrell:

    Love to you Sunshine. This is what I love about it all. Thank you!! We threw a renegade a few weeks back deep inside the Old Rainier Brewery here in Seattle… the setting, the art, the vibe, the music, the people….. I was at home.

  37. Gino Gabriele:

    Amazing video, amazing music, the complete package. Love this!

  38. Justin Bailey:

    The real question is……..where do I get this tune?

  39. Sunshine:

    @Justin Baily
    the song is called “dirtbike” and it’s a new song. only live at the moment.
    it will be on my new album – i promise.

  40. Justin Bailey:

    It’s amazing.

  41. Rory Cochrane:

    Loving it Sunshine Jones <3

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  43. Jonathan Brown:

    What a shame that the room was so full of love- togetherness – that the universe shut down the sound system mid-beat. Next time, let’s get you through Pittsburgh, too.

  44. Lindsey Russell:

    3 am, rolling up to a warehouse in the “interesting” side of “where the hell are we?”

  45. Anton Bomb:

    Absolutely right on and beautiful! ♥