Sound + Vision – Sunshine Jones & Mark Farina Debut Art Installation

Last October I invited you to partner with me and raise the funds to produce the artwork in order to take advantage of an amazing offer to show my work on the walls of a design studio in the SF Design Center. In return I sent you your own original artwork, and produced the work for the show. The event didn’t come together, and I didn’t quite know what to do. So I turned to my friends Anthony and Olivia at Luna Rienne Gallery in San Francisco and to my delight they offer me the walls of their gallery to show my work, perform my first 100% live show in nearly a decade and I promised to put it up between shows, and get it back down within days. I was willing to do this to keep my word to you, and to myself.

Then Luna Rienne saw my work, and thought about possibly keeping it up longer than a few days. Next the totally unexpected happened: Mark Farina turned out to be a photographer too. So we asked if he would consider taking the front gallery and show some of his photographs while I filled the back two rooms with my work, and performed live in the middle of it all. Mark agreed.

Sound + Vision is a debut. It is the first photographic exhibit at Luna Rienne Gallery. It is the first showing publicly of DJ Mark Farina’s work. It is the first gallery show that Sunshine Jones has ever had. And it is the first 100% live, analog performance from me in a decade.

So join us Friday February 12th for this magnificent debut.
Opening event is from 6pm until 9pm
Sunshine Jones special live performance from 7 until 9pm
All ages are welcome

Please come early. This event will have a vip list, and a door staff to ensure that a gallery atmosphere is maintained and showing up late may result in your standing around on the sidewalk and listening from out there.

Can’t wait. See you on the 12th.


  1. Sunshine:

    Wow! Well that was totally amazing. So many firsts in one night. I loved it.

    Thank you to everyone for everything they brought to this collaboration of wonderful people and magic.


  2. Lel Ephant:

    Your show was incredible! Blown away! The music was outstanding and watching the genius mad professor summon dance magic from the machines is soon fun! The world is ready for this!

  3. Buckner:

    Life changing!

  4. endquote:

    That was really beautiful. Thank you.

  5. Martha:

    Beautiful, amazing, fantastic!

  6. Andyonetwo:

    Such a magical time! Thanks Sunshine!

  7. Sector 7:

    This was by far one of your best events in the 20 years I’ve followed you. It was great to see you go live again. Thank you