Intellijel TETRAPAD firmware 2.0 Beta Reference Card

I’ve gone over the pdf manual of the new firmware version 2.0 beta for the Intellijel Tetrapad eurorack input control surface and produced a little cheat card to help us more efficiently learn the functions and settings for this fantastic new software update.

It’s still in beta (releasing at v1.2 at this study) and so the features may change and render this, and my previous cheat card obsolete, but for the time being it’s very helpful (at least for me) to be able to reference the settings and features at a glance with a small, compact card.

PDF FORMAT – Version 0.02 – 9.2MB – October 2018

Printing for this card is as follows:
• It’s ok to scale the document to fit to avoid having the type cut off at the edges, shouldn’t effect the card’s integrity at all.
• Horizontal orientation
• Trim the last 3rd of the page (use it as a bookmark, or scratch paper)
• Hold the card vertically in half at the dotted line (provides structure, and a place to make notes.)

I hope this helps you on your journey.

One Comment

  1. Naveen G:

    your work on these updated cheat sheets and manuals is greatly appreciated. your posts are a trove of knowledge.