You can’t hide (your love from me) – Sunshine Jones Re Edit

Here’s a re edit I did yesterday of the Larry Levan production of David Joseph’s thrilling garage classic ‘You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me)’. I tell you I’m a sucker for anything with parenthesis in the title. I’m also a sucker for the double first name thing, that and the male soul falsetto vocal. I like how David sings that he “can tell by the way we argue” that you’re in love with him. It’s universal isn’t it? Not even the double first name can save you from staying up all night talking about talking. Poor David Joseph.

No original music in this re edit – I just equalized the master, syncopated the rhythm so it was a lot easier to mix, thoughtfully added a clap I grabbed from earlier in the song, and re cut the arrangement to work more wonderfully in my set. I can feel my hands in the air, fingers brushing the ceiling of the basement already… enjoy!

You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me) – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – David Joseph


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  1. Nice re-edit! I imagine this might find itself on my next radio show playlist

  2. SilentSister:

    Awesome! Just heard it on SundaySoul..I too, can hear it during another 90hz broadcast sometime soon! ;) Thanks Sunshine for sharing a piece of your heart with the world!!!

  3. Sunshine:


  4. drwahwah:

    Thanks Sunshine for sharing this re-edit! I came here to check if Bélle Âme Électronique was available here the Treehouse before buying on Beatport. X

  5. brian busto:

    love it! thank you