TUOC04LP Sunshine Jones – HOME -Pre Orders Now Open

I’m delighted to announce here that Pre Ordering for my new full length vinyl LP is now open!
Get over to The Urgency Of Change right now and listen to the previews, and pre order yourself a copy of this album!
This is the studio edition of the live set from my 2016 Live Ground Tour, plus a few extras.
11 tracks in all, and all on one long playing 33 1/3 RPM record just for you!

For those of you who do not want vinyl:
A WAV version of the LP is available to those who purchase it. Buyers are welcome to forfeit their physical record, and donate it to a good head who hasn’t got the money, but really really really wants the record.
If that’s what you wish, please contact me here, or there, or anywhere and let me know your intentions and I will either connect you with the recipient of the physical product for a meet up, or I’ll hold it in reserve and make it a special giveaway, or something fun at a gig. It’s up to you, after all, it’s your record and you can do whatever you want with it.

Now stop reading this and go listen!
LOVE ////


  1. Forrest Roush:

    Oh man just listening to the samples and i love it!!!!
    i am gonna share this link with my son max…he works at gramaphone records and will love this joint….now ii just need a damn turn table or wait until one of our friends plays it for me ♥

  2. Sunshine Jones:

    @Forrest – I LOVE Gramophone. I did a seminar in there on the last tour. It was cute. We had a good time!
    You know we can hook you up with a turntable for like $40 right?

    Also, see my note about forfeiting the physical album if you can’t want it, or can’t use it – You are still entitled to a WAV format upon release.

  3. Forrest Roush:

    ok i must must buy this

  4. Grant Semmler:

    We want one !! ♥

  5. Paul Adair:

    Outstanding ♥

  6. Neil Fox:

    Oh wow. Thanks so much for letting us get a digital copy. Much excitement.

  7. Robert Pointer:


  8. Mark Kunoff:

    Boom! Done. “The Sun” sounds so frikkin awesome! Beautiful vocal and filtery slapback.

  9. Jade Patrick:

    <3 (ordered!)

  10. Brian Hauger:

    Ordered ! Cant wait!

  11. Allison Shultz:

    Just ordered!

  12. Karlo Yogie Magallan:

    Daaam Bro !!
    I Fukin love you !!

  13. John Tucker:

    Ordered…and I’ll take you up on that offer for the WAV files, want to take on an upcoming trip to Germany. Can’t wait to play around with these!

  14. Todd Powers:

    Ordered! ♥

  15. Neil Fox:


  16. Julia Jennings:

    I can wait to hug you deeply. You have been thru so many obstacles to make this. You never stop making music, but to put it all together as a finished work takes so much discipline, dedication and commitment. These are great selections and additions. I am proud of you Sunshine you are following your bliss and that is important as well as well as inspiring. I remember the first time I heard ” I want my planet back” . My heart burst open I was angry with the world and felt like art had lost its fire and passion, but I heard you growling and churning and this changed my mind about house music forever. Youve come a long way baby and not without sacrifice. Keep the fire alive, I love you forever.

  17. Brandin Becker Bowen:

    Ordered! ♥

  18. Cesar Valencia:

    I can’t wait! To hear it Sunshine! Thank you for sharing your ♥ with me, us all!

  19. Scott Buster Herman:

    Ordered. Can’t wait to hear it. Thanks Sunshine Jones!

  20. John Topley:

    Hi Sunshine. I’ve just pre-ordered the album. As I don’t have a turntable may I have the WAV version please. Please give my record to someone deserving in the U.S.

    Thank you so much – I can’t wait to hear this! ?

  21. Sunshine:

    @John Topley – Got it! You’re a love! I’ll take your physical copy and give it away in a fun contest once the digital packages are prepared and given out.
    Thank you.

  22. Brent Northey:

    My turntable is feeling excited, as am I.

  23. Benjamin K. McCarthy:

    Got mine!

  24. Craig Howell:

    Just ordered! I’m so excited!

  25. Neil Fox:

    Will be played at furthur

  26. Donny Sizemore:


  27. Sares Irene:

    Can’t wait till mine arrives in the mail : D

  28. Benjamin B. Orphan:

    You may have already answered this and if so u apologize but will there be a local pick up option? Tracks sound great!

  29. Sunshine:

    @Benjamin B. Orphan – I did, and there is a paragraph about this on the site:
    Check it an get with me! I love to meet you for coffee Ben!

  30. Sean Ober:

    Ordered…. Love, Support, Play, Listen, Feel

  31. Gary Gill:


  32. Gary Gill:

  33. Crystal Braley:

    Yes! Please …. picnic and vinyl pick up

  34. Dennis Racette:

    Done….under Joceline’s name….and don’t send a turntable ; ) I’ll figure something out.

  35. Sunshine:

    @Dennis – Hahahahaha…
    You know I was gonna right? I totally was.

  36. Dennis Racette:

    @Sunshine – i kind of know how to get your attention… :D :D

  37. Sunshine:

    Talking about this with the production team between France and the UK and it seems that a gatefold LP is subject to a kind of damage that a single LP is not.
    Because I’m using uncoated, fibrous paper everyone wants me to put shrink wrap around the album. I really don’t want to do that, but I think that the idea of being liable for hundreds of bent, and scuffed LP’s is such a bummer that I am thinking I will go ahead and for Europe and mainstream distribution allow shrink wrap to be on the album to help keep it safe and clean.
    But for those of you who will be buying it from me – the pre orderers – you will get something a little bit different. I am looking into a paper band to keep the record closed, and safe.
    It may be an expense which doesn’t justify itself, but I’m gonna look into it. I’d love an affordable alternative to shrink wrap.
    And then all that said, isn’t it so dope to get a new record all wrapped tight that you have to rub in on your jeans or pick it with your nail to get it open to get the record out?
    Ok, ok, ok…
    Maybe shrink wrap isn’t the evil thing I thought it was.

    : P

  38. Sans Nom:

    Banana leafs? : P

  39. Sunshine:

    @Sans Nom – If you wanna come over and bring the bananas we can wrap them together!

  40. Dennis Racette:

    Shrink wrap is not evil….it’s part of new vinyl album experience. Totally cool. For moi that is.

  41. Sans Nom:

    Pay day tomorrow ; )

  42. Dave Sklar:

    Hey do u have it streaming yet? I would love to listen in the car? Or can I buy a download.

  43. Sunshine:

    @Dave Sklar – This is a vinyl release.
    A couple people have bought the LP and forfeited the vinyl (and didn’t have to pay shipping) and when they’re ready I will give them WAV versions.
    But this release is an LP.
    Give the link a read. It explains everything.

  44. Dave Sklar:

    @Sunshine – I’ll take the vinyl!!! Thank you for yet again another great release.

  45. Ryan Vereen:

    Hey Sunshine – What would I do if I wanted to add a second copy to my order?

  46. Sunshine:

    @Ryan – Great Question!
    We would need to make a calculation and add the cost of the record $23 and the additional shipping (USA $1) and sort that out and it’s done!

  47. Erich Dye:

    Daddy want two!!!

  48. Sunshine:

    @Erich Dye – For two, you only need to pay shipping once (plus $1) for the USA.

    So do this:
    Instead of using the button on the site, send me 23 x 2 (for the records) and 8 + 1 ) for the shipping to sales (at) theurgencyofchange (dot) com and I’ll add you to the pre order list, and ship yours to you the moment they arrive.

    Just make sure in your note that you include your name, address, phone number, and let me know that it’s for your pre order of TUOC04LP and you want 2. Lots is happening here, and it’s way too easy to get totally confused.

  49. Erich Dye:


  50. Erich Dye: