Torpical Oasis – Maui Retreat – March 29-April 2 2019

I’ve been invited to fly across the Pacific to the beautiful island of Maui and play a live set beside some of my favorites:
My dear one, and top ten favorite DJ Mr. Ben Annand, Christian Martin, the amazing Jimpster, my wonderfully talented friend Atnarko, the amazing Galen, my beloved friend from Portland Manoj, my main man Michael Manahan, and more…

The plan is to head over, hit the beach, relax and get some sun on my face and then host a Play Live! Seminar for those in attendance who might light to ask some questions and find out more about playing live, and live improvisational electronic music in general. And then at some point I’m planning to play a surprise DJ set, and also as the main event perform a 100% live set too.

This is much needed, and I am so looking forward to it.

Here is the information you need for getting a ticket.
There are many options. Tickets range from $60 for the week, to fancy.
I hope you get it together to head over and I get to see you in the sun, with a huge smile on our faces, dancing and getting free.