Sunshine Jones – South East Asian Adventure 2015

I am headed off on Thursday night for South East Asia on another adventure.

Here are the dates so far:
April 14 – Kep
April 16th – Saigon – The Observatory *
April 18 Phnom Penh – Pontoon Pulse
April 18th Phnom Penh – The Room
April 19 – Bangkok – Maggie Choo *
April 20 – Hong Kong – tbc *
April 24 – Bali – KOH
April 25 – Jakarta – Bau-Haus 1933
April 26 – Jakarta – Lucy In The Sky
* in process – tbc

Main flight is booked, and the visa is stapled into my passport and I’m off…

Still working out details for a few other gigs, and confirming things for Bangkok, Hongkong, and Bali, but I’m going there and we’re planning on making it happen.

So excited. If you’re in this part of the world, let’s connect and get together.
I can’t wait to see you.



  1. Ruben Langedijk:


  2. Adam V. Arzate:

    Fuck, come to Hong Kong

  3. Ashley O'Hara:

    Shut up !!! So cool

  4. Alexise Gabrielle:

    Great poster!

  5. Sandra Vilevac:

    That’s Awesome Sunshine! So happy for you! Safe Travels and have fun! :)

  6. Lindy Elle:

    Magic hands

  7. Peter Evans:

    So much awesome!

  8. Gary Gill:

    Coolest wizard I’ve ever seen :) !

  9. Kary McElroy:


  10. Sunshine:

    Adam – I’m completely open to Hong Kong… I would stay an extra week to do that for a weekend show and a few days in HK. Or if you know of a weeknight club or event let me know about it, and I’ll be there with bells on! Want to. Need to. Yes. Hit me!

  11. Plant Melania:

    How cool!!! :) /*

  12. Dereloid Tapley:

    such good design

  13. Thaneeya Pakdee:

    may i ask venue location in bangkok?

  14. Sunshine:

    Thaneeya – It’s still undecided, we are talking to a couple of places. Still up for more. If you have an idea let’s put our heads together and make something happen!

    Same is still true for Hong Kong. So let’s talk it over if you’re connected.

  15. William Patrick:

    have a red curry for me .. they do the best in all of that region

  16. Lonnie Bero:

    Enjoy yourself! It’s a beautiful and intense country.

  17. Retina Keith:


  18. Ethan Dao Clairville:

    killer image

  19. JJ Bole:

    Have fun with that!

  20. John Jones:


  21. Fabio Eleuteri:

    enjoy the tour sunshine