Sunshine Jones – Serious Soul – Tampa – 6.14.2013

I’m headed back to Tamapa to play with Busto and his Serious Soul posse again this June.
Every year this is a complete blowout session of madness, love and amazing music.
So excited. Can’t wait!!!!


  1. brian busto:

    we are ready for you brother

  2. melissa stoddard:

    I have been forever waiting for u….

  3. Shanna Rae:

    YOU = amazing

  4. Angela Frame Patrick:

    You are awesome! ♥

  5. Lucy Collins:

    I had an amazing time! Thank you so much for the BEST music I have heard in a long time! Can’t remember the last time that I danced so much!

  6. Carlitos:

    Ah yeah!

  7. Greg Shultae:

    I know there were some frustrations getting on the Decks BUT when you did finally go on!!!!!! WOW OMG !!!! That was the best set I’ve ever heard you play!!!!!! I had my JAZZ HANDS GOING ALL NIGHT!!!!!!! No lie YOU ROCKED THAT PLACE LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!!!!!!!!! Simply amazing!!!! You are world class!!!! And having a swim with you before the club was awesome!!!! Want to go to the beach????

  8. Greg Shultae:

    You ABSOUTLY rocked last night !!!! I dunno where that came from but keep bringing it!!!!!! Modern fresh and banging !!!! Really different from what I remember of you!!!!! Just WOW!!!! And I’m sober and this is the day after!!!!!! Mad props!!!!!!! My Boy!!!!!!

  9. Jask:
    Amazing Performance