Sunshine Jones – March 2008 Chart


A simple top ten in no particular order:

1. Herd & Fritz – Sigh – Adani & Wolf Remix
2. Junior Lopez – Deep City
3. Claude Monnet – Voodoo Bounce – Rocco Dub Mix
4. Mechanique – A Perfect Alibi
5. Pete Moss – Turn U Back – Instrumental Mix
6. Afefe Iku – Movement
7. Neutron – As You Like It
8. Olivier Desmet & Chuck Deisel – Run For Cover
9. Lanoiraude – Bloom Doudouk
10. Marcel Wave – 27 Holton

February was such a fantastic month for music. New tracks, new mixes, and tracks which were new to me. March is here, and the the sweet smell of longer days have come with it. More time to feel the sun on my face, longer sunsets, and perfect sleeping weather. My sound shifts from nostalgic and stripped, into something between slow, forceful anthems in minor keys, rising filters, and distant chanting.

These are inspirational times for house music. Keep it coming! Thank you.


  1. brock:

    nice picture… are you wearin a tux? haha

  2. brock:

    Lanoiraude – Bloom Doudouk

    this is so so so so so so good


    the tempo is perfect, the textures, the bass….


  3. are you wearin a tux?

    No way baby… not me.