Sunshine Jones – live/dj set with Michael Sultan, Chuck Love and Jason Lovejoy: 8-29 Bar Standard, Denver


Sunshine Jones
Live/DJ set featuring Michael Sultan on percussion
Fourfeet with Chuck Love
and Jason Lovejoy!

Bar Strandard, Denver
Friday August 29th 2008


  1. Hollow Leg:

    Another out-of-town gig. (sigh!) Where’s the local beat? Sunshine, we’re ready for some hometown house.

  2. I feel ya. I wanna get down at home too.
    I’m working on it. Always.

  3. I’m back from europe and livin in Denver now, writing, playin in a few bands and such. Can’t wait to check out the gig. I’m writing a blurb on it for The Onion right now to help spread the word.