Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour – April 23rd 2016 Seattle, WA

After Victoria, and Vancouver I’m headed down into Washington state for a deep connection visit with my family and friends in Seattle. It begins with a seminar which is as yet to be established, but it’s the plan to get together in a local spot and set my live gear up and open a conversation with you about live performance, production on the fly, and portable and modular synthesis.

Don’t freak out – the seminars are not supposed to be get togethers for the brainiacs and the smarty-pants (although I love smart people) this is all about empowering you, the uninitiated to score yourself a sequencer, a little machine or two and join me.

Then on Saturday night we’re going to throw down a serious and beautiful 100% live set at the monkey loft with Xan and Sylwia and it’s gonna be amazing.

Facebook Event is Here