Sunshine Jones – Fill Up My Heart – Out Now!

Fill Up My Heart – Sunshine Jones
1. Fill up my heart – Original version
2. Fill up my heart – Instrumental
3. Fill up my heart – Acapella

This beloved secret weapon is out now in the treehouse muzique shop
in both 320 kbps mp3 format as well as WAV

Check it out here


  1. Wes The Mess:


  2. Courtney K:

    finally!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Kelley Desmond:

    BEAUTIFUL!! you must be so proud sunshine-you have created something truly beautiful

  4. Ray Ray:

    Made my bus ride home a little bit warmer :)

  5. Corbin Sorensen:

    thank you

  6. Andreas Hansson:

    Finally! Love this track.

  7. Chris Collins:

    Nice track. Chunky yet smooth. Wonderfully layered. A dance floor eye closer for sure.

  8. Spirit Laura:

    what a BEAUTIFUL song to wake up to. thank you sunshine! xo

  9. Dan Cusyk:

    perfect beat to get me moving on this snowy morning!

  10. Thank you Sunshine! After the past year listening to various versions during Sunday Soul this is still one of my favourite songs of the year. Much love!

  11. Ocean's Edge:

    omg, sooooooooooooo good. i love when you play this on Sunday Soul. you fill up my heart, Sunshine, and for that, I thank you! :)

  12. Ashley O'Hara:

    awesome :-)