Sunshine Jones – Don’t Sweat It – Sunshine’s STCDMAAB Live Mix For Cascadia

I played a fantastic festival called Cascadia this past weekend. So many talented, amazing, beautiful, generous, and far out heads gathered up in the mountains above Granite Falls, Washington and connected. I don’t really have words to describe how amazing it was, but swimming in the river, the mud pool, the swimming hole, the perfect sound systems, the wonderful music, the delicious food, the stars, the rain, the sun, and the dancing! The dancing may have been the best.

I hosted a Play Live! Seminar and then brought my things over to the Forest stage backstage area with Tait, and we walked in on Megan having an awkward moment with the fabric meant to stretch around the table for my spaceship to play live on.
She was worried about a section of the fabric which was the other way around – shiny side up. We smiled, and assured her it wasn’t important.
But Megan actually made like she was going to rip up the fabric and flip it around to make it “perfect.”
Tait and I stopped her and explained that it was dark, and there was no way anyone would be like “Oh dude, look at the table cloth and that weird shiny patch!”
So we agreed that it was already perfect, and I joked about writing a song called “Shiny Tablecloth” and playing it that night in my set.

I did.

When Tait heard the words I had looped and mangled as they slowly became untangled he laughed so hard he fell out of his chair.
People were all “Dude, are you ok?”

Well… sadly Megan missed this moment. So I spent some of today playing it live into my reel to reel deck until I got a mix I was happy with, and here it is.
This is for you, with love, from me.

Enjoy it, have fun, and don’t sweat the things that don’t matter at all. “Perfection” is a state of fear… even a diamond is made more beautiful by it’s flaws. Perfect is being in the present tense, as often as we can be. Here and now.

I love you.

Here it is on soundcloud for your pleasure:

And for the next seven days you can download the WAV file and enjoy it in other ways.
Download link


  1. Osh:

    Was sad to miss this. Is there a link to listen to your entire live set?
    I Love You Too

  2. Sunshine:

    @Osh – I love you too. You know, I don’t often allow my live sets to be recorded.
    I am focused on physical objects and live, in person experiences:
    Read more about them at

    And I’ve launched TUOCD which is the streaming/digital releases available on all the major muzak machines people love so much right now.

    There IS one live set which was recorded with my blessing form this year up on soundcloud, so if that’s what you dig, then you can find it by searching for Ben Anand, and his amazing Tropical Oasis retreat. Many wonderful recordings are posted from this.

    But typically, I insist that one needs to be there. There won’t be a re run. Not everyone agrees with me, and that’s each their own prerogative, but my life is a thousand times better and happier in person.
    Gotta practice what I preach.

    Loving you.