Sunshine Jones – Big Sleep

After reading an interview with Jim Kerr from the Simple Minds I was reminded that this elegant electronic band from the late 70’s and early 80’s was so much more than a big hit off the sound track to “The Breakfast Club.” I really connected with what Kerr was saying about how fame was a surprise, and they were in no way prepared to handle it. I loved the musical examples given in the article, and fondly remembered swinging my long bangs to Empires and Dance. So I broke out my purple and gold and clear colored vinyl copy of ‘New Gold Dream’ and lay on my living room floor listening. It brought back a lot of lovely memories.

I looked at the original file of ‘Big Sleep’ as a potential re edit, but reconsidered and chose to do something more pure. I read up on Steve Lillywhite’s guitar production technique and discovered that he actually played a lot of the guitar on the records he produced.

I used a Juno 106 for the main melody, MiniMoog for the bass, Casio drums, and processed my acoustic guitar as per Mr. Lillywhite’s instructions. I think that it’s interesting in a vintage sort of way, having stripped the needy feelings from the original and left it electronic. It creates more of an open space for us, and so far I think I like it. Dunnoe. Gotta listen some more.

If you’re digging this direction, please comment on Sound Cloud and favorite the track. Heaven knows I could use the love.

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  1. So very good. So smooth. Simple Minds are truly undervalued. Great band and great version.