Sunshine Jones – Art Installation

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up

On February 12th 2016, I had my debut art exhibition of more than 700 prints, handmade looking glasses and large format works juxtaposing elegant and beautiful imagery with counter-cultural and revolutionary phrases, bringing the temporary ever fading digital world into real life.
I also played my first 100% Live set in nearly a decade.

This film by Martha Traer is the document of that amazing and wonderful night.



  1. MySol:

    I love all the different faces!!!

  2. JMS:


  3. DJ Sunkis:

    Wow! How do in purchase that track?

  4. Sunshine:

    Well, this audio was recorded live at the event – So you can’t buy that exact recording.
    But it’s the instrumental version of my remix of Dragonette’s ‘Run Run Run’ which has been out for a while now. You can certainly score that one just about anywhere.

  5. Empath 3000:

    Lol. That’s funny. It made me want to buy the track too. It’s great. Congrats on the installation and the micro doc!

  6. Joseph Seibert:

    Awesome! I hope we can get you back to Ohio for this tour

  7. Sunshine:

    Talking with Hesohi about it, and I’m really hoping so too. Time is so short, and available dates are precious few… We gotta hustle up! C’mon!

  8. Joseph Seibert:

    Yes yes !

  9. deboretal:

    That was a wonderful night! Thank you and congratulations ♥

  10. endquote:

    I dragged Ritesh to see you play live in an art gallery, it was pretty awesome. Didn’t know we’d end up dancing on YouTube, though…

  11. Candice B:

    So much love to Y’all!

  12. Lance Koppa:


  13. Willbur:

    I really like that song. I noticed in the credits you mention Mark Farina. Is that Mushroom Jazz Mark Farina?

  14. Joceline Saindon:

    J’aime ta créativité et ton talent, tu émerveilles tout nos sens. Plus que tout, j’admire ton humilité.
    Gros bisous et câlins de Montréal.

  15. Tommy Newman:


  16. Roman Nunez:

    That track is amazing!!!

  17. Thayne Greene:

    Thank you buddy I really enjoyed that

  18. Gabriel Whitten:

    Giving me all the feels. Love you man, so sorry I missed this ♥

  19. Kirk:

    It’s lovely!

  20. Tony Kalhagen:

    Is there a face book event page for the Portland event? And, that was a very cool documentary of the new set up and show, inspiring.

  21. Sunshine:

    @Tony Yes. It’s here:
    We’d all love to see you there!

    And of course I’ll post the tour dates with a cool poster up in just a few days.

  22. Forrest Roush:

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!! very groovy

  23. Lauren Olson:

    You are amazing, Sunshine. ♥

  24. James Sorrell:

    That was pretty special, thank you for sharing this with us all. i loved it. Incredibly inspiring.

  25. Tee Cardaci:

    Love, Love, LOVE THIS! Beautiful, soulful, inspirational, deep, funky. Thank you!

  26. Daniel Englisch:

    inspirational thanks for this bro

  27. Dylan Rosario:

    We copulate via our ears and our hearts, SJ your music continues to impress even after 20 years. Thank you for the beats please let us know where we can find the full set. ♥

  28. Lisa Cowell:

    Beautiful music! I just got finished watching a Detroit techno documentary and switched on and saw this! Keep the vibe alive in SF!

  29. Aaron Farnsworth:


  30. Emily White:

    A wonderful event, a lovely film. Beautiful music..Hehehe I see me.

  31. Mark Stebbins:

    SO DOPE !!!!

  32. Emma Clarkson:

    I feel very happy and proud watching this.

  33. Charles Skelly:

    Sunshine this was a totally unexpected and wonderful video to see this morning.
    I knew I had missed a special event and now I was able to be part of it.
    Thank you for the inspirational vibes.
    The person or persons behind the production of this video need to be acknowledged as well.

  34. Chris Groove:

    Nice work Sunshine! Can’t wait for the next one.

  35. Tighe Mcgill:

    I’m so proud of you my man!

  36. Nigel Geiger:

    Real right

  37. Sarah Livingstone:

    Watched this and smiled and danced in my kitchen with my baby girl :)
    What a wonderful way to wake up! So happy for you :) ♥

  38. Laurin McQueen Fedor:

    So inspiring, love it

  39. Marc Everett:

    Thank You Sunshine!

  40. Jen Littlz:

  41. Sean Ober:

    Have been, and shall always be, a huge fan!

  42. Emory Widener:

    ♥ beautiful ♥

  43. Jay Williams:

    sounds amazing

  44. Andrew Emil:

    Very beautiful Sunshine!

  45. Brad Slyde:

    Sounds wonderful, big love!

  46. Chris Tyndell:

    lovin this!

  47. Jay Williams:

    Thats super dope

  48. Kyle Carasso:

    Loving you right back Sunshine.. miss you amigo..