Sunshine Jones 100% Live with DJ Brian Busto – October 12th 2018 – Tampa, Florida

Friday October 12th I’m headed to Tampa, Florida to get down with a very special 100% live set beside my man DJ Brian Busto.
Brian will play from doors until my set begins, and I will play until close.

9pm – 3am
1001 West Cass Street
Tampa, Florida

Here is the event on face-page
And here is the ticket purchase link at eventbrite

But there’s more:
I’ve agreed to stay an extra day and host one of my Play Live! Seminars on Saturday October 13th.
Here is the event information
Now as you know, I personally never charge for this seminar, however, because there was no available location for free we needed to figure out a way to pull it off. So as I understand it, 100% of the cover for the seminar goes to cover the costs of using the space. I am not being renumerated in any way for the seminar.

The Play Live! Seminar is something I did at every stop I could on the 2016 Live Ground Tour. I would set up my gear, and have a conversation with everyone who shows up, discussing gear choices, performance philosophy, followed by a an extended Q and A, and if it goes well and there’s time I will play one song.

The purpose of the seminar is to inspire you. I don’t think I know much of anything really, I’m not trying to get you to do it like I do, but I’ve been playing live improvisational electronic music basically on my own since 1989, and I think it’s time you joined me.

So I’m giving my time, my experience, and my love to help close up your laptops, and get you excited about cv/gate, 5 pin midi cables, sequencers, drum machines and fucking winging it…

Join me.