Sunshine Jones – 100% LIVE SET – Substance Thursdays at the End UP in San Francisco October 4th 2018

Call in sick, or arrange to “work from home” on Friday the 5th of October, because I am going to be playing a 100% live set on Thursday, October 4th at the glorious and amazing EndUp in San Francisco.
Yes, I’m going to rebuild that deep, dark, disco DJ booth into my spaceship and get down completely with you, Ghenji and Beau Kelly. My set time is 2 am until 4 am, and I will be taking us home for the evening…
It’s rare I agree to play at home, and I love it. I agree to do it infrequently because I want it to be special when I do, and this is no exception. The historic and amazing EndUp, on the best night of the week to go out dancing. Thursday is the night we used to go to Townsend, and Das Klub and wake up friday afternoon wondering we’d done to ourselves… The night I met Doc Martin, and all the San Francisco old school.
So yeah, work from home on Friday, and come see the lights of my spaceship and dance with me into a euphoric collection of sounds and rhythms. Come feel the love.

Ideally I would like to see all my friends together in the same place. Worlds colliding, and people making the effort to come together… can’t think of anything that would make me happier.

Here is the face-page information for Substance Thursdays at the End Up in SF

See you there!