Sunday Soul – while you were sleeping – January 16th 2011

while you were sleeping…
… love came and went

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  1. Sunshine:

    sunday soul is live now!

  2. Sunshine:

    thank you for sleeping with me tonight.
    see you next week!

    Good night!

  3. Sunshine:

    Nietzsche once said, “Sleeping is no mean art: for its sake one must stay awake all day.” And honestly, I can understand how a miserable frak like Friedrich – his glorious moustache not withstanding – might have felt exactly this way. In terms of our waking hours, comedienne Carrie Snow says,”No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.” And while I am not a napper, I’ve seen it accomplished and been absolutely dazzled by the results in others. Sadly I think I walk the earth in Friedrich’s shoes when it comes to napping, but I make no heavy work of my dreams. I fear nothing about sleeping but for the falling into it. Once there, I am gone, and glad to be lost among the shooting stars, deep seas, and sweet kisses of my dreams.

    While he claims no theory on dreams at all, my beloved Carl Jung wrote,”The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul, opening into that cosmic night which was psyche long before there was any ego consciousness, and which will remain psyche no matter how far our ego-consciousness extends. For all ego-consciousness is isolated; because it separates and discriminates, it knows only particulars, and it sees only those that can be related to the ego. Its essence is limitation, even though it reach to the farthest nebulae among the stars. All consciousness separates; but in dreams we put on the likeness of that more universal, truer, more eternal man dwelling in the darkness of primordial night. There he is still the whole, and the whole is in him, indistinguishable from nature and bare of all egohood. It is from these all-uniting depths that the dream arises, be it never so childish, grotesque, and immoral.” And I think that’s more what I meant to say.

    As a child at sleepovers I would always be the last one awake. Not only because I intended to raid the liquor cabinet after everyone had gone to bed, and to dip our host’s tender hand into warm water to see if it would really make them pee the bed in their sleep (it doesn’t) but also because I never wanted to miss anything. A couple of years later I remember staying up late to watch the mid-seventies Saturday Night Live, or the Friday night Creature Features Bob Wilkins used to host, I would be curled up on couch, pumped up with Coca-Cola, and then I’d suddenly sit up with a start and find it was 4 am and the movie was long over. Oh cruel time. Oh cruel mind. I never wanted to miss anything, and I still like to push myself until I simply can’t stay awake anymore, and then – only then – do I lay back in my sweet bed and close my eyes to the night’s misty stardust. Maybe it’s because I sleep so deeply that my dream life carries over into the waking experience, maybe it’s because I am creative, maybe it’s because we are all made of the same stardust, and this is always present regardless of our relative state of consciousness.Really, who cares why… I see what I see with my deep brown eyes, and I respond in kind, with all the love and laughter I can muster.

    I wanted to spin a lullaby for you – a quiet mosaic to sing to your sleeping mind’s innermost flames. I hoped to meet you there in the warm starlight, and steal your heart in the inky blue darkness. To wrap you up in my tender caress, and whisper goodnight to your beautiful closed eyes.

    And so here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – while you were sleeping:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Couldn’t Sleep – Milosh
    * introduction
    3. Amaranth Sleeping – Tingly
    4. Just A Bitter Love – The Dead Rose Music Company
    5. Hubabuba – Sunshine Jones Vox Sample Remix – Dana Bergquist
    6. Pantha du Prince – Asha
    * fall down – for Melody
    7. While You Were Sleeping – Dub – Sunshine Jones
    * while you were sleeping
    8. Age of Love – Franco Maldini Remix – The Age of Love
    9. You Are Sleeping – PQM’s Deephead Pass – PQM
    * I believe
    10. Sleeping Giant – Bluprint
    11. Sleeping With The Lizards – Juho Kahilainen
    * chinese finger trap panic attack
    12. Secret Playground – Kawabata
    * my secret love
    13. Sleeper – Jimpster
    * your sleeping face
    14. Deeper Forest – Karol XVII, MB Valence
    15. Dream & Delirium – Manuel Tur
    16. Dreams – Sunshine Jones’ Re Edit – Fleetwood Mac
    17. Dreamers Live Forever – Jennifa Mayanja
    18. Longtime – Sunshine’s Rough Mix – Jaswho?
    19. Are We There Yet – Audiofly X
    20. Dream Machine – Spirit Catcher
    21. Kill 100 – Carl Craig Remix – X-Press 2
    22. Okay, Cool – TBD
    * sunblind
    23. Everyone’s Sleeping Today – Jacob London Mix – Rithma
    24. While You Were Sleeping – Sunshine Jones featuring Carmen Martines
    25. Still Sleeping – Tom Sawyer, Gabriel Sordo
    26. Adaptations – Andreas Saag
    * I have a dream that one day we will each and all be liberated from the oppression of ourselves
    27. Deep Deluxe – Edmund
    28. Dark Journey – Journey To The Light Mix – Outmode
    29. Saturn Strobe – Pantha Du Prince
    * sleeping your life away
    30. Saffron Dreams – Prem Joshua
    31. Misi – Jonathan Kusuma
    32. Daisyis Dream – DK Production
    33. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    34. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) – Eurythmics
    35. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    ** end archive **
    36. Encore of While You Were Sleeping – Sunshine Jones featuring Carmen Martines

    Total Running Time: 02 Hours 57 Minutes 35 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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