Sunday Soul: Vishuddha: December 9th 2007


Sunday Soul: Vishuddha

December 9th 2007
Broadcasting at 10pm Pacific time only this week

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  1. Just a reminder:
    We’re broadcasting the Pacific edition of Sunday Soul tonight only
    So I’ll see you at 10pm PST

    : )

  2. sunday soul is live now

  3. horzontal vishuddha flyer

    All done for tonight, thank you for listening…

    Tonight’s show was a lovely turn out in the chat, I only broadcast the pacific program because I had somewhere to be in the earlier part of the evening. It felt good to race across town and rush right into the show, and then find so many lovely heads who were completely tuned into the theme this week: Vishuddha

    I debuted a new song, “Higher” and tried to reach for a place between my higher energy, and my deeper, more sensual energy. Reaching for something with more intensity, and width. Maybe a bit more ethereal a theme than I’ve been presenting lately, but considering the seasons mood swings, I really wanted to celebrate balance, width, clarity, and release.

    Here is the track listing from tonight’s program:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Higher – Sunshine Jones
    3. Breathe Deeper – Sequential Soul
    4. The Revolution – Rocco
    5. Lindstrom – Smalltownsupersound
    6. Sonando Contigo – Kiko Navarro
    7. Bad Pulse – Padded Cell Remix – Sly Mongoose
    8. Ultimate Love – Dub Mix – Stan Kolev
    * We are what we are
    9. Secret Playground – Kawabata
    * Bonfire Heart
    10. Another Station – Todd Terje Remix – Lindstrom
    11. Memory Lane Refund – Alexander Maier Remix – Mugwump
    12. Ork – RTA
    13. Kadena – Kawabata
    14. In-ten-city – Soul Central
    15. Meine – Daso
    16. Deviate – Manuel Tur and Dplay
    17. Acorado – Manuel Tur
    18. The Absurdity of Posession – Sunshine Jones
    19. Feel – Lazy Dub – Spiritchaser
    20. Alone – Tennishero
    21. * Dirty Love – Rough and Long Mix – Sunshine Jones
    22. Untitled – Blackjoy
    23. Lady T. – Hot Toddy Remix – Crazy Penis
    24. Higher Love – Evanz D
    25. Higher – Sunshine Jones
    26. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    27. Fingerpaint – Digital Witchcraft
    28. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    * Live
    Total Running Time: 3.08’34

    At the end of the program I am purged, and liberated. I have been in the studio for a couple of days straight, singing, drumming, playing the bass, and tracking things in real time without loops. It felt really beautiful to connect with my friends, and fellow music heads. I needed that so much today.

    Thank you. See you next week.