Sunday Soul Unlimited – Live from Atlanta – July 12th 2009

Broadcasting Live from Atlanta
July 12th 2009

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  1. Sunday Soul is live now!

  2. Last sunday night’s transmission was a special Sunday Soul Unlimited. I call all of the Sunday Soul broadcasts which are performed live and out in the world “Unlimited” because they are usually quite different from the shows transmitted from my little studio in San Francisco.

    This party was amazing and eye opening in a lot of ways for me. First off because we were broadcasting from the roof top of the Glenn Hotel in Atlanta Georgia, where all day the sky was blue and beautiful… and as we began the party with Corey Von Waters playing some superb electronic music, the sky began to loom darkly, and threaten to rain upon our gathering on the roof.

    While I played a couple of things happened. First I noticed that because I wanted to make myself vulnerable, but felt somehow removed from myself, I noticed immediately my tendency to be more verbal… what a strange reaction… when I am feeling most shy is when I find myself talking the most shit. I got down on myself immediately, and tried to focus on what was good about my amazing surroundings, and the beautiful music I wanted to express. And so I did. Second, the light show around us was dark clouds, rain, and lightning. Somehow for a couple of hours we were completely protected. But eventually the storm was definitely coming to dump rain on the roof and we had to stop and go down to the second floor.

    Everyone was wonderful about it. We got the system down and set up just as the rain came. Not one second to lose. It was perfect. the crew on that rooftop, and the staff of the Glenn were impeccable, flexible, and amazing. And once downstairs I picked up right where we left off and we had a blast until the end…

    I have no track listing from the night, as I was dancing while Corey played, and didn’t pre plan my set for myself, and wasn’t paying attention for archival purposes. Instead I just worked with my own demons, felt the weather’s energy, and tried to find a give and take between myself, the music, and everyone who was there.

    In the end it was an amazing night. The kind of party I can actually grow from, and will never ever forget.

    Listen to the archive:
    The archive is posted now in the footer of Treehouse Muzique – my teeny tiny record lable – and also at the bottom of Sunday Soul – the website for this broadcast.

    It’s there for a week, or until another archive replaces it (whichever comes first.) You can download it for your iPod, or stream it over the interweb. It’s there now for you to enjoy.

    Starting August 2nd Sunday Soul will be produced live and in person at SPACE GALLERY in San Francisco.
    We will gather up at 8pm for food and conversation
    At 9pm our guest speaker will give a talk on the week’s theme
    and at 10pm the music begins.

    Join us! Plan on it. We need and want you.

    Thank you so much for listening, See you next week!