Sunday Soul Unlimited – Live from Asheville – March 20th 2011

Special Unlimited Transmission:
This week we will be broadcasting live from the BoBo Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina
The program begins at 10pm eastern time this week
Featuring a 4 for 4 evening between Sunshine Jones, Tre Damit and Josh
Plus a special one hour live set from Sunshine Jones somewhere in the middle of the night.

This event is going to quickly sell out – like always
Tickets are only $10 and you can buy them in advance at the BoBo Gallery – 22 N Lexington Ave and at Parlor Clothing – 9 Walnut Street
The BoBo Gallery is an amazing place with an amazing vibe, but it’s quite small, and we mean it man – Last time we had to turn a lot of good heads away because there was no place to put them. So please score your ticket up front, and make sure your name is on the list, and you can party with us.

If you don’t live anywhere near Asheville, North Carolina:
We will miss you, but you can still listen to this broadcast live, and in real time on

To Listen:
At 7pm in San Francisco (which is 10 pm in Manhattan, and a groovy 3 am in London)
you can head over to and click the big play button.

For a little bit more of a sophisticated listening experience you can grab the 90hz IP address
and drop it into iTunes, or WinAmp or WMP or however you listen to inter-web audio
and rock it like that.


iPhone and iPad Users:
You can connect with your iPhone from anywhere you have cellular signal.
open Safari and type – touch go
No need for an app or anything, it just works.

We get together in the chat at 90hz. We are a tight group of friends,
we talk seriously, and freely. It’s nice if you’re up for that.
It might be weird if you’re not.

To join in the dialog, sign up for the 90hz forum and then click the “chat” link
from anywhere on and come on in.

Mailing List:
Sign up for the mailing list. We never ever share our email list
with a single solitary soul. You opt in, and you opt out.
It’s up to you completely.

Head over to and make the decision for yourself.

For more about Sunday Soul – here
Read the manifesto – here

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  1. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul Unlimited is LIVE now

  2. Sunshine:

    Asheville you beautiful filthy sweaty glorious amazing sexy fantastic and wonderful angel. Thank you so much for one of the most fantastic nights I’ve experienced in a very long time. You blow my mind. You break my heart. I love you so much I can’t fucking stand it. Thank you doesn’t even begin to express the gratitude in my radiant heart right now.

    we are awesome (we fucking are)
    and we love you (all three of us.)

    thank you for listening

    good night!

  3. Sol Collins:

    So, when are you moving there?

  4. Latisha:

    Wow! You had an entire relationship complete with love, sex and a broken heart with this city in one night…I love it!

  5. Tony Covine:

    The music was awesome!! I listened on my laptop all night long!

  6. Monica Wackerhagen:

    The feeling is mutual!

  7. Kelly Ann LiCausi:

    It breaks my heart to think about leaving Asheville, so I stay!

  8. Shawn Ivy:

    What an amazing weekend! Thank you ♥

  9. Tracie Acreman:

    Last night was bobo beautiful! Thanks for coming back to Asheville ^_^

  10. Emory:

    Thank you so very much…see you soon!

  11. Laura Pierz:

    Amazing energy last night!

  12. Candice:

    we love you

  13. Emory:

    …oh yes we do.

  14. Rebecca Vann:

    big love right back at cha!….June is soon:)

  15. Dathan Brannon:

    deep, deep thanks…