Sunday Soul – the blessings of venus – July 31st 2011

The kiss shall be thine own as well as mine

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  1. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live now!
    Join us!

  2. Sunshine:

    All done for this month. See you next time! Thank you for listening (i love your sweet ears.) Good night.

  3. Sunshine:

    In 1403 active courtier at the court of Frederick, Minnesänger and poet Tannhäuser became the subject of legend by stumbling upon the subterranean home of Venus. He worshipped there in what was forever after called Venusberg. There Tannhäuser prayed at the altar of the Goddess, and studied the ways of the followers of love. He remained there so long that the Court of Frederick had to send a company of soldiers to drag him out of the cave he had discovered to bring him back. Sadly, and like any good man having come to his senses, once he left and discovered that he had become a shocking laughing stock in his communities, Tannhäuser headed to Rome where he asked Pope Urban IV if it was possible for him to be absolved of his sins. Pope Urban naturally declined. Curiously what had disgraced Tannhäuser in the court inevitably knighted him in the realm, and made his journey to the Goddess the subject of poetry, legend, and lore for centuries to come.

    Replicant Roy Batty, the coolest of the renegades who escaped from an off world colony and made their way to earth in order to locate J.F. Sebastian and eventually Dr. Tyrell in order to try and extend their lives, said shortly before dying,” I’ve watched C-beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time… like tears in rain… time to die.”

    What’s interesting to me here is that Batty never spoke of Venus. He never ached for love. Rather, he was concerned that his memory of seeing things near Tannhäuser’s namesake might be lost if he passed from the world of the living. Tannhauser himself stepped up to the altar of Love and while captivated there, could carry his devotion no further than the mouth of the cave. Both men seem to have discovered that love is not a blessing, the mighty Goddess is an action. When we stop loving, we are “restored” to sanity, and love appears to have left us. What curiously selfish and self centered creatures we are. To imagine that the very blessing of starlight could ever leave us. Instead we refocus our eyes, repurpose our hands, and keep looking beyond our own hearts for another Venusberg.

    As Mars enters my house, demanding my attentions be focused upon work, negotiations, finance, security, and other labors, I wanted to heed the calling of my heart to first build an altar, a monument of my own in tribute to Venus and her endless blessings. I felt it was time to assmble my own forces, and bring all our heavy stones down the hills, out of the towers, up from the ground, and down to the water’s edge and construct a temple, a monument to Venus. Not as a memory, but at a beacon, a tower to remind anyone within sight that this is where we must return when our work is done.

    Despite all that we think, all that we build or destroy, the blessings of love are ours in a moment. If only we lay down our weapons, and open our hearts just a little wider than they were before.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – The Blessings of Venus:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Pressure (Live) – Quadron
    * introduction
    3. Secret Sub Disco – Original Mix – 2 Billion Beats
    4. To Prove My Love – Ned Doheny
    5. Crack Is Whack (The Kings Arms Remix) – Lati
    6. Come Together, Love Better Feat Gina Rene – Marques Wyatt
    7. I Love You My Hope – Do Right Remix – Hird
    8. PacificBreak – Reverso 68 Remix – The Beat Broker
    9. Alpha Storm – An-2 Remix – Maxim Samos
    * yeah yeah
    10. Rainy Days – Sellouts
    11. We Are What We Are – Sunshine Jones *
    12. To The Stars – Sunshine Jones
    13. Love To The World – Rufuss Remix – Sven Love
    14. The Sun – Sunshine Jones DLAMB Rework – Heatmerchantz
    15. Venus – Original Mix – Sebastian Weikum
    16. Fall Away From Love – Danny Daze
    * the blessings of venus
    17. For My Love – Barnabun
    18. Come To Me – Version – Sunshine Jones
    19. Ultraviolet – BeatBroker Dub – LOTI
    20. She Walks Alone – Marcus Worgull Remix – Eva Be Feat. Pegah Ferydoni
    * Awake Awhile – Hafiz
    21. Something Better – Flash Atkins Mix – Jamie L
    22. Walk A Mile – Cuebur Mix – Nathan
    23. The Message Is Love – The Message Is Club Mix – Arthur Baker
    24. Do It For The Music – Sunshine Jones
    25. You Got The Love – Edmund
    26. Viajero – AN-2
    27. Warm Sun On My Face – Sunshine Jones *
    28. Journey To The Sun – Dennis Ferrer Remix – Joey Negro, The Sunburst Band
    29. Land To Venus – Sebastien Thibaud
    30. Equal Dreams – Rewards
    31. We Call Love – DJ Harvey Remix – Art Department ft. Soul Clap & Osunlade
    32. Don’t Need To Dance – The Groovers
    33. Everybody feat. Evelyn Champagne King – Miguel Migs
    34. About This Love – Crazy P Dub Remix – Roberto Rodriguez
    35. The One – The Groovers
    36. Feelin’ Love – Psychemagik Reem Mix – Paula Cole
    37. Crepusculo – Dany Dorado
    38. Skyline – An-2 Remix – Acos CoolKAs
    39. Bloom – Jazz Mix – Eric Kupper
    40. 1984 – Lovefingers Mix – John Martyn
    41. All-Night-Long – The Groovers
    42. Now You’re Calling (For Love Dub) – Mellow Madness
    * bring the biggest stone you got
    43. Maybe Tonight – Lovelock
    44. Pantha du Prince – Asha
    * fall down
    45. New Life (Perseus ‘Summer of 83’ Remix) – Jeremy Glenn
    46. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    47. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – Amy Winehouse
    48. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 04 Hours 56 Minutes 07 Seconds
    * Performed live

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