Sunday Soul – obscenity as euphemism – June 12th 2011

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  1. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live now!
    Join us!

  2. Sunshine:

    all done for this month. thank you for listening.

    fuck I love you.

    Good night!

  3. Sunshine:

    There is only so much a stranger gets to say to me. While it’s true that to communicate with people I don’t already know may somehow be a more effective and opening experience – because people I don’t know aren’t involved in our pre established internal dialog of intimacy. When we talk, we read more than just our lips, we know one another’s facial expressions, and body language, and we have a shared history. While it’s true that intimacy can often breed contempt, it’s also true that when we are involved there is also more time to clarify, express, communicate, and interweave our impressions, opinions, responses, and feelings. It is also true that because there is only so much a stranger gets to say to me, we advertise. Like billboards who’s subtextual messages remind us that we smell and need deodorant, our suggest that our teeth may not be quite as white as they could be, or that our mobile phones are suddenly antiques which run slowly and aren’t thrilling to women anymore we transmit our messages to the world. It can be as thoughtless as a public fart, and a good and unconcerned scratch of the balls, or it can be meticulous, and contracted, like viciously scrubbed nails, and very expensive clothing. Somehow, for myself personally, the more you telegraph your pathology, the faster you lose me, and the less you actually get to say to me.

    Wanting very much to honestly and lovingly connect with my people, I have taken to saying things like “baby.” I say something like “Hey baby, how you feel?” to the muscular greaser. I say this to invite him into my world of love and connection. I say this because if he cannot hear me, or feel me, then he will immediately demonstrate his fear of what I might actually mean by calling him “baby” and tell me more about him in an instant than I could glean in hours of casual conversation. And yet the world has grown dull, and stupid. We speak as if we had trouble getting through the fourth grade, and thus we gave up. Collapsing under the pressure of bullies who teased us for being smart. I myself simply stopped talking, and knew people for years who had never heard me say anything more than “yeah” “no” and “fuck you.” To demonstrate our language is to include everyone – or so we posture – and historically we have used euphemism and obscenity to exclude the world around us. In every language and in every culture there is a code spoken in order to assure one another that we are “cool”. I think of the machine gun fast dialog of the film noir era, or the lazy and illiterate “hey mans” of the hippies, I think of jazz speak, and the crazy one part english, one part Moroccan, one part french speak of the children of Gare du Nord in Paris, or even the Netherlanders who bravely throw down their hip hop rhymes in Dutch. As beautiful and creative as these edited mosaic tongues can be, I have to admit that we have entered the era of the main stream. It is common, commercial language. So we “stay down” and we act dumb, and to truly use the power of words is to alienate ourselves from the warm embrace of the main.

    I challenge you to be a revolutionary. To radically arm yourself with a dictionary, a thesaurus, and a strunk & white and use whatever elaborate words can be found to express the poetry and beauty of your minds and hearts. Just never be afraid to revel in the splendor of “fuck” whenever you can, whenever it’s right, and however you mean it.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – Obscenity as Euphemism:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Into A Trap – Pional
    3. I Just Wanna Love You – Duff Disco
    4. You And Me Tonight – Aurra
    5. Jolene (Ilya Santana version) – Dolly Parton
    6. Pacific Break – Reverso 68 Mix – The Beat Broker
    7. Come To Me – Version – Sunshine Jones
    8. Untitled Love – Still Going
    * fuck…
    9. Omega Man – Yam Who? edit – Crazy Penis
    10. Fuck Song – Cassian
    11. Steel Congo (Nicky’s Tumbao) – Louie Vega Feat. House Of Rhumba
    12. Indian Summer – Moonbeam
    * she got to be the only one
    13. Give Me Love – Coburn
    14. PussyFooter – Ju.Do Remix – Coco Electrik
    15. Happy Up Here – Holy Fuck Remix – Royksopp
    * how do you like it?
    16. Never Loved Before – Tash Panas
    17. No Shit – Instrumental Mix – Susie One
    18. Release Myself – Drop Out Orchestra
    19. Force of Nature – Buck Remix – SubLevel
    20. I-ight – Force Of Nature
    * I never want to see the sun again
    21. That’s That Shit – Curv’s Space Dub – Ed Royal
    22. Obscene Calls – Shabu Vibes
    * masculine cowboys of the apocalypse
    23. Blue Road – Sunshine Jones Remix – Masterchris
    24. Hard To Earn – DJ Kaos
    25. Affection – Formidable Force
    26. The Sun – Sunshine Jones DLAMB Rework – Heatmerchantz
    27. Warm Sun On My Face – Sunshine Jones *
    28. Got To Get Out – Dato
    29. Ice Castle – The Beat Broker
    * fingering your underpants with your big toe
    30. Hubabuba – Sunshine Jones Vox Sample Remix – Dana Bergquist
    31. Maybe Tonight – Lovelock
    32. Still Going Theme – Still Going
    33. Double – Evren Ulusoy Remix – Fer Ferrari
    * obscenity as euphemism
    34. Euphemism – Mirweis Sangin
    35. Hubble – In Flagranti Remix – Columbus
    * there is a naked chick in the fold out section of the newspaper
    36. Bushes – Renaud Mustang Reversion – Markus Nikolaï
    37. Hungry For The Power – Art Department Remix – Azari & III
    38. Water Business – Sunshine Jones Remix – Max Essa
    39. Vrooom – Phonique Remix – Dax Riders
    40. The Power! – Chill Rob G **
    41. Breakin in apartment 205 – Swayzak vs Theorem
    42. The Power – Snap! **
    43. Emergency Room – Gavin Russom Remix – Ford & Lopatin
    44. Falling in the love house – The Holy Ghost Inc.
    45. Les Violons Ivres – Agoria
    46. Four Million Miles – Sunshine Jones
    47. Now Come Into The World – Peak:Shift
    48. Longtime – Sunshine’s Rough Mix – Jaswho?
    49. Guununk – Juno6
    50. Sweet Suffering – Ambient Mix – Asheni
    51. Heroes – Tony Carrasco instrumental mix – Big Ben Tribe
    52. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    53. I’ve Never Been To Me – Charlene
    54. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 05 Hours 01 Minute 30 Seconds
    * Performed Live

    ** Corbin mentioned the lyrics to “The Power” by Snap, and I asked him which version he meant
    and in the chat we discussed the three different versions of the song – The original version where Snap sampled Chill Rob G, the second version (following the lawsuit by Chill Rob G) featuring a very poor imitation vocal, and the version released on Chill Rob G’s album which featured the vocal that Snap Sampled, but poorly reworked music and chorus vocals. We agree that Snap were the better producers, but that Chill Rob G is a far more interesting vocalist, expressing that the original mosaic was far and away the best and most inspired version of this song. While it felt like quite a detour from the theme to suddenly break out into Chill Rob G – Somehow it was obscene, and it seemed to naturally flow…

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  4. Shanna:

    “like the tongue of a whip I snap attack”… lol xoxo thank you!!!

  5. Sam Heywood:

    Good writing here.

  6. Arlena Arteaga Kelly:

    You talkin my language…..

  7. Candice B:

  8. Rebecca Vann:

    what’s true cannot be spoken…and…what’s spoken cannot be true

  9. Jeneva:

    Fuck Yeah

  10. Audrey Jane:

    that was some spectacular cursing ♥
    thank you as always!

  11. Jesse Mondore:

    Your words are impeccable and your thoughts brilliant