Sunday Soul – Meva Bella Mare – May 12th 2013

“ Do you love your mother if you hate your father? Listen carefully. When you love somebody very much, do you exclude others from that love? If you really love your mother, don’t you also love your father, your aunt, your neighbour, your servant? Don’t you have the feeling of love first, and then the love of someone in particular? When you say, “I love my mother very much”, are you not being considerate of her? Can you then give her a lot of meaningless trouble? And if you are considerate of your mother, are you not also considerate of your brother, your sister, your neighbour? Otherwise you don’t really love your mother; it is just a word, a convenience. ”
— Krishnamurti

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  1. Sunshine:

    Ok all you mothas out there… I’ve got my head together for tonight’s transmission of Sunday Soul – MEVA BELLA MARE – beginning at 9pm pacific time on – I’m only going to be playing one (1) song I’ve ever played before tonight. All kinds of new ideas and new tunes, and new-to-me jams about to be woven into a 5 hour + tapestry of love, devotion, conversation, live performance and improvisation just for you.

    Featuring (but not limited to the works of) Cody Chesnutt, Code 718, Yacht, Heart, Tech D, Yogamasters, Discodromo, The Above Machine, Kitt Bang, Rafael Cerato, Deeperholic, Sonz of Africa, Ultracity, Steve Huerta, Rocco Kafele, Native Underground, Monsieur Minimal, Shit Robot, Robotalico, Finnebassen, Sly5thAvenue, Golden Sails, Codebase, Land of light, and Chico Mann.

    It’s gonna rule.

    See you at 9!

  2. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live now.
    Join us!

  3. Sunshine:

    We are all done for this month. Thank you for listening. I love kissing you. Goodnight.

  4. Sunshine:

    The words meva bella mare translate from the Catalan into “My beautiful mother” and it is the etymology of each of these words which lead me to choose them for this month’s transmission.

    Meva comes from the Ottoman Turkish word meyve, or mive meaning fruit, literally, and opens a discussion of the product of one’s work or growth being that person’s fruit in essence. What’s truly mine is what I have done, who I really am, and how I have grown or changed and how that is evident in my actions. The possessive idea of “mine” is often elaborated upon selfishly or otherwise, but what belongs to me shows on my face, and is in action in my heart always.

    Bella is simply “beautiful” or fair. The name Isabella is a synonym for this word.

    Mare is an interesting word. It is the female horse, very similar to the French word for the sea and mother, it is also the name of the broad, dark areas of the moon, as well as a German incubus or demon. Not a simple word to write off, it depends entirely on what you mean to say.

    The beauty of our growth and our works is certainly a life giving ocean, it is the mother of our demons, and also that sea is the mother of our beauty. The relationship can nourish both love as well as suffering. It isn’t lost on me that the denuding of the idea of motherhood on mother’s day is a pretty lame thing to do, but the question arises and takes shape as a tribute, or a set of keys to unlock the shackles of blame, resentment, self pity and even cliche. My mother is indeed beautiful, and I love her. I embellished her tale, and spoke of women and mothers in general in a sweet a tone, as approving a voice, as well as with a violence of internal and external critique as possible. I wanted to travel to the sea and wade out into the waters and voice everything that came to me.

    Attendance was lovely, and dialog was rich. We rose and fell like the breathing of the music itself. I know it’s a lot to ask to stay up all night listening, but I always imagine you dancing, thinking, singing along, making out, and then sleeping until your apparatus goes to sleep and the connection is broken – It’s either that or your attention span is just very short, or you only like it when I sing, or you don’t like it when I sing, or whatever it is… I’m just glad you come, and go, and return to me.

    I attempted to create a tapestry which could hold my devotion, my gratitude, my love and my rage. I wanted to sing songs of love and light, as well as throwing a rock, and offering a little tickling too. Decidedly non sexual, though sadly I guess I overlooked that vintage subject, I wanted to look into the heart of a resource and show beauty even in fault, or failure. I wanted to simply let the waters swell and then release them. My gendered pronouns get confused, and my generalizations are many, but the layers and depth I hope at least radiate my gratitude and love for you.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – Meva Bella Mare:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe – Sly 5th Ave
    * intro
    3. Glider – Golden Sails
    4. Mineral Scan – Codebase
    * the fruit of my mother
    5. Rehearsal Bootleg – Jamming at Archway Analog – Land of Light
    6. Equinox – The Original Concept – Code 718
    7. Same Old Clown – Kon Remix – Chico Mann
    * I’m beginning to wonder
    8. Black Mondial – Codebase
    9. Moments – Constan
    * Krishnamurti’s question of love and mothers
    10. Ordinary Things – Dean Tyler
    11. Only You – Satin Jackets
    12. Just Fine – Ray Sam
    * heart’s lullaby
    13. Suspension – Golden Sails
    14. Surface Love – Zack Highwire
    15. Feels Real – Extended Dance Version – Shit Robot
    16. My Crowd Is Invite Only – Faux Métier #05
    17. Tanator – Fer Ferrari Remix – Viana
    18. Mark My Words -Monkey Boots remix – Shallow Taxi Club
    * her liberating internal dialog of anger as she headed west
    19. Falling Bricks – LTJ X-Perience Remix – Codebase
    20. A2 – Reflections – Instrumental – Faux Métier #05
    21. Revenge – Steve Huerta
    22. Can U – LNTG Muscle Mix – Late Nite Tuff Guy
    23. Love Honey, Love Heartache – Aki Bergen & Daniel Jaze
    * Sunshine’s Theme
    24. Ask Yourself – Helder Teixeira
    25. If She Only Knew – ROBOTALCO
    26. Baby – Finnebassen
    27. Candy Face – Theo Tag Remix – Monsieur Minimal
    * back 2 life (version)
    28. Close Son of Sound Dub – Native Underground
    * what is the heart of a realized, vivid and powerful woman? (and what pray tell is a mother’s day without a tantrum?)
    29. Its Over – Rocco Kafele
    30. Do Good To Me – Steve Huerta
    31. How Deep – HT’s How Deep Mix – Helder Teixeira
    32. Ready For You – Ray Sam feat. Lauren Morgan
    33. Does She Want You Now? – Zack Highwire
    34. When the shadows come to life – D-Mand Remix – Tech D
    35. Barracuda – Virgin Magnetic Material Remix – Heart
    36. Second Summer – RAC Remix – YACHT
    37. Equinox (Henrik Schwarz – Dixon Remix) – Code 718
    38. Stardust – Yoga Masters
    * you are life
    39. Island Memories – Discodromo
    40. Somebody Love – Dana Bergquist & Peder G Remix – Rafael Cerato
    41. Ballistic – Constan
    42. Black Dragon – audioJazz
    43. Be Careful – Kitt Bang & Enne
    44. Let It Go – Deeperholic’s Eastern Mix – Deeperholic
    45. Horizon – Ultracity
    46. In My World – Night Avenue Mix – Sonz Of Afrika
    47. By Them – Zack Highwire
    48. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    49. Chips Down In No Landfill – Cody Chesnutt
    50. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 04 Hours 25 Minutes 56 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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