Sunday Soul – love falls at your feet – February 6th 2011

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  1. Sunshine:

    Turns out there will be server maintenance tonight on the shoutcast server. It’s only expected to take 30 minutes. I’ll monitor the situation closely, and we will begin the very moment it’s done.

    Expected start time 10:30 pm pacific time – possibly a bit sooner. See you then!

  2. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live now!
    Join us!

  3. Sunshine:

    the journey is over for this week
    thank you for listening.

    See you next week when we’ll be broadcasting Sunday Soul Unlimited – Live from Asheville North Carolina! Please watch for the flyer to catch the special east coast broadcasting times.

    See you then!

  4. Sunshine:

    My father once said to me when I confided in him as a very short, and very chubby 9 year old that I was being beaten up at school every day, didn’t have any friends, and was very unhappy that I needed to “just be yourself, and friends will lay themselves down at your feet.” Honestly I had no idea what he was talking about at the time, and I would soon go through some pretty intense changes. By 11 I was nearly full grown, responded to by strangers, shop owners, and the SFPD as an adult simply because of my height, and I would take the exact opposite route of my father’s advice. I had to be many years older than I actually was in order to stay out past the 11pm San Francisco curfew for minors, get into bars and night clubs, and live the life I didn’t appear to have any choice but to escape into. So first I changed my name, then I changed my age, then – after being called out by surprise more than once in some seriously dangerous situations – I changed my origins, and then I changed them again when challenged on that by my only friends, and again, and again. I ran from who I truly am inventing any folklore I thought you wanted to hear, and made those instant decisions of those of us who live nowhere, hate themselves deeply, and can neither be seen in the world by anyone, nor go another moment without your hands, your words, your affection, your warm shelter. In a very short time I had travelled so far from myself that I don’t think I could have told anyone the truth about myself.

    The journey home has been a very long one. It is a path which appears to be a life long endeavor. Even when the facts are straight, the question of “who are you?” echos through empty halls like the thud of a felt hammer against a five hundred pound brass bell, or the quick scramble for the definition of simple words like “compassion” or “love” without being able to use the word itself in the definition, or even in trying to spend an entire day without saying the words “I” “me” or “mine.” The lesson is that there isn’t anything to say — not really. But we scramble for another way to say “I love you” without the Personal pronoun, helplessly clutching the indefinite “one” and then breaking out into a sweat because even though we haven’t actually failed, deep inside we know we’ve totally blown it and it’s time to start the clock over again.

    But love is the only thing real in this world. Everything else is an hallucination. We stand in every moment between the choice to grasp our ego’s of suffering closer to our chests, or to love. Love appears to be equally as infinite as it is finite. Our collective confusion between the “special” relationships we have stayed up all night talking about talking in order to nourish, and the loving relationship where even the most caustic and absolutely heartbreaking words or actions are expressions of another human being’s suffering and pain, and it isn’t personal, and it isn’t a reflection of ourselves — rather, it is an opportunity for us to love. In the realm of the ego, love — like money, objects, real estate, and time — falls short of changing the world. She drops dead at our feet, shattering on the cold tiles of our entry hall and shatters into a thousand pieces. In the realm of the spirit — our hearts, our souls, the truth we helplessly try to bury under the piles of money, titles, positions, and objects — we need only arrive in this moment now and be still to know that love hasn’t failed at all. All the money in the world won’t change your home town, your name, your age, your gender, or one iota of your truth. The terrifying stillness of right now is all there truly is, and it’s where love lives.

    So it seems that in his way my father was absolutely right. It’s forgivable in my eyes that one man – well on his path – can’t communicate with a child who has yet to begin an adventure of his own. But I remember. I carried his words with me along the way and gently unwrapped them, perilously slowly, as soon as I was able to.

    I wanted to say everything about how beautiful it is in the moments where love changes the world. I also wanted to express my compassion and empathy for the moments when love falls dead at our feet. Instead of saying much, I played an honest and beautiful set for you featuring vinyl records, cd’s, and digital files. I played disco, balearic, house, and soul for your pleasure. And when I did speak, I was speaking only out of love for those of us who can’t hear it in the music because they aren’t dancing. I understand. I need to be told and shown every day. I forget that love is all there is. This lesson, it seems, is like water to me. I need to drink deeply, but if I don’t drink again I will die.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – love falls at your feet:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    * introduction
    2. Looking Glass – 12″ Version – Woolfy
    3. Make You Mine – Fear Of Theydon Dub – Incarnations
    4. Ruckzuck – Linosaur re-edit – Organisation
    5. Smiling Faces Sometimes – Bobbi Humphrey
    6. Cry – DSD Balearic edit – Godley & Creme
    7. Can’t Keep Running – Ray Mang
    * advice from my father
    8. Four Million Miles – Sunshine Jones *
    9. Crave You – Bxentric Remix – Flight Facilities
    10. Love Has Come Around – Deep Disco Version – Donald Byrd
    11. Fill Up My Heart – Sunshine Jones *
    12. Deviate – Manuel Tur & Dplay
    * now that you’re mine
    13. Save Our Love – D.I.T.S. Dub – Escape From New York
    * i thought i could do it alone
    14. My Reflection feat. Divine Essence – Deetron Remix – Osunlade
    15. Cloe – Electro House Mix – Gennaro Rossi
    16. Think I’m Gonna Fall In Love – Disco 3000 Edit – Supercharge
    17. Ulysses – Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Remix – Franz Ferdinand
    18. I Don’t Feel Anything – Anja Schneider
    19. While You Were Sleeping – Dub – Sunshine Jones
    20. Most Of This Moment feat. Holly Backler – Manuel Tur
    21. Been a long time – Vocal Mix – The Fog
    22. Sex Shooter – long version – Apollonia 6
    23. We Are Free – Less Version More Edit – Sunshine Jones
    24. Deep Dive – Soul Pace Mix – Slytek
    * reach for love
    25. We Are What We Are – Sunshine Jones
    26. Feed the Flame – Lorraine Johnson
    27. You got Me Running – Lenny Williams
    28. New Day – Round Two – Ron Trent and Chez Damier
    29. I Love You – Alex S. Remix – Unity
    * be still…
    30. Keep Believin’ – Tensnake
    31. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    32. Bad Desire – The Dead Rose Music Company
    33. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 03 Hours 09 Minutes 43 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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