Sunday Soul: invincible: November 30th 2008

In the church of my heart
the choir is on fire!

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  1. Sunday Soul is live now! Join us.

  2. All done for this week. Thank you for listening!

    : )

  3. Last night’s broadcast began as a humble gathering, and then we grew into a beautiful happening. Quite unexpectedly I have been in a fever… walking the streets of San Francisco from the piers of the bay to the top of twin peaks reading the Gita and talking to myself. Such a difficult piece of poetry, written in 500 bc as a poem of spiritual struggle… the conversation between Krishna and Arjuna leaves me scribbling in the margins, looking up words, responding with laughter, fury, and tears. And so, I have been in a bit of a state. I come to see what I called love is a form of abuse, and to think of my sweet, loving kisses on anyone’s back as something of a nuicance has left me haunted, possessed, and spread out across the universe like the ashes of my body, long after death. Twirling in this misinterpretation of emotions, meditations, and music I decided that I am invincible. House music is invincible. So I set about a path, like the journey through continents, or touring in a van, I wanted to express something delicate, and powerful at once. Not to move you with my sensitivity, but rather to actually journey from something as delicate as a nylon string being plucked by a heart broken Irish girl through the laughter of boys playing with their 303, making ugly sounds, and rocking down the house. There is love and peace in passion. I wanted to show this com força, as is my style and fashion… as opposed to playing it harder, or faster. Naw baby, we keep it closer here, and if you haven’t got a few hours to hang out, listen, and dance… then maybe you should just bugger off and go back to work. We aren’t looking to please you… rather, we are looking to recruit you. Come, listen, open up, move a little, laugh a while, let the tears come. Letting go only makes room for more. More is always welcome.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul: invincible

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Eleven Continents – RF and Lili De La Mora
    3. Small Fries – Djuma Soundsystem
    * intro
    4. Au Reve – Tennishero
    5. Deeper Forest – Karol XVII, MB Valence
    * I just don’t want to talk about love
    6. Move On – Jimpster’s House Dub Mix – Random Factor
    * Invincible
    7. Miura – Metro Area
    8. Love Affair – Martinez 4am Eternal Lounge Room Killer Mix – Dalminjo
    9. Original Disco Motion – Dub Mix – Jay Shepheard
    * you got ta go
    10. Trouble – bootleg vocal mix – Alecia Keys
    11. M’baby – Eddie Richards
    * I love you
    12. Woman Cry – Blakdoctor Dub – Blakdoctor
    13. If you wouldn’t mind – Tiger Stripes Acid Dub – Sunshine Jones
    * open up your heart
    14. Hypnogogia – Dynamachine
    15. I’d Much Rather Go Out (With The Boys) – The Glimmers
    16. Wakanapi – Original Mix – Pryda
    * Wet lips and flaming eyes:
    Reading from the Bhagavad Gita
    17. Galaxia – Motorcitysoul Remix – Marcello Giordani
    18. Be Still – Eddie Richards
    19. Blind – Frankie Knuckles Remix – Hercules & Love Affair
    20. Rise – Sunshine Re Edit – Herb Alpert
    * There ain’t no love in this world
    21. Paris – Aeroplane Remix – Friendly Fires
    22. Bonaire – Al Usher Remix – Dutch Rhythm Combo
    23. Deepah – Soda Inc.
    24. Pearls On A String – Plasmik
    25. Skyline – Motego Muzik
    * twilight
    26. Dangly Panther – Jimpster
    27. Namu Ami Dabutu – Tokio Remix – Jana Lanka
    28. Things Are Gonna Get Easier – Windsurf Remix – Low Motion Disco
    * easier
    29. Stellar Way – Acos Coolkas
    * the treasure of heartbreak
    30. Rush Hush – Rivera Rotation
    31. Earth Beats – Chateau Flight Remix – Kuniyuki Takahashi
    32. An English ’93 – International Music System
    33. Wish I Didn’t Miss You – Album Version – Angie Stone
    34. Conceptions – 4 Hero
    35. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    36. It’s Gonna Take a Miracle – Laura Nyro
    37. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 03 hours: 45 minutes: 37 seconds
    * performed live

    This show was produced with Traktor Pro and an XONE:92 mixer. It includes vinyl, compact disc, and digital files. We are still operating without a control surface, so it was manually mixed, and assisted with key commands.

    Listen to the archive:
    The archive is posted now both at Treehouse Muzique – my record label – and also at Sunday Soul – the home on the web for this transmission. There you can stream the show, open it up into a new window to bring with you wherever you go, and download it to your computer to stick into your iPod.

    A technical word or two:
    On downloading:
    Mac users have some trouble with downloading the archives sometimes. If you option click the download link, a dialog box will open and ask where you want to save the mp3 file.
    Sometimes if you click on download without holding down option, the mp3 will load into your browser. If you have Quicktime Pro, then you can use the rightmost menu and save it as source. If you don’t have Quicktime Pro, then you can’t do that, so don’t do it that way, k?

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    Thank you for listening.
    See you next week!


  4. christina:

    I always read the playlist. I was reading and was about 1/4 down and had this very weird, odd, strange, feeling that you were going to play this: Stellar Way – Acos Coolkas

    how did I know? I don’t know.

    It just doesn’t surprise me.

    : /

  5. bammer…

    I haven’t played it in so long.
    I guess I’m just predictable.

    : (

  6. christina:

    oh no, no no, it wasn’t that you were predictable at all.

    I assumed you wouldn’t play it any more really, but yesterday when I was reading the playlist,I had this strange feeling it was going to be there.

    The reason I said I wasn’t surprised is
    with you,I have these very unusuall insights. Like I know what you are thinking sometimes,or something else weird that happens at a certain time that is a huge coincidence,I have seen it with your photos or tyour writiwill ngs and most of the time I don’t bother mentioning it because I look like a nut. So I’m letting it out now and I’m being a nut now…lol

    Crazy thing is, this has been going on to some degree since I first met you.


    I love love love this new Sunday Soul. I love the moody feel you have been playing too.

  7. Why would you assume I wouldn’t play Acos Coolkas’ amazing track anymore?

    I love love love that song.


  8. christina:

    I don’t know

  9. It’s true that I am a sentimental idiot. It’s certainly true. But I love music and I love it best when the right song just clicks into place where it belongs.

    Things are tough right now. But it’s so good to know I am alive.

  10. christina:

    maybe that is why I had a feeling it would be there then

  11. Heather:

    you guys are the best ;)

  12. Nothing like the laughter of old friends, right?

    : )